Southeastern Illinois College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First, I would have applied to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL to get a real university experience and live in a dorm. I chose to go to a community college because I was afraid to leave home, and go to a bigger school. Secondly, I think I would have placed more emphasis on my studies in the first year. I got distracted and realize now, that was not the smartest thing to do Of course, I am paying for it now, but realize how important getting a college education is.


I would not have taken on so many hours at work. It is very tough to go to work and school both full time. I would love to return to high school and put even more effort into my classwork than I did. I found out at college you cannot have a "do over". It is all or nothing. I had to do a lot of "growing up" when I went to college. I would have listened more to my teachers in high school because they knew more than I did. I did make good grades, but I could have done better.