Southeastern University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone. Southeastern University is a great school!


If you love christian based learning then that is the school for you!


A person who is open-minded and gets along with everyone. I recommend this school for anyone really. This school is quite friendly and they know how to make you feel pretty comfortable.


Someone who is a harworker. Someone who wants a school that supports Christian Values in their classes and in the general atmosphere of the school, but also someone who is willing to have their beliefs stretched and questions to help them own their faith for their own. Also dsomeone who is interested in developing leadership from a servant leadership perspective. Someone who is interested in Missions and/or studying abroad would also really like Southeastern University.


I'm attending for the communication department, which is amazing. If you enjoy smaller class sizes and are okay with a stricter environment, this is the place for you.


Those wanting to attend Southeastern should be eager to get involved and learn; not only about academics but about Christ as well. There are some extremely qualified leaders who just need to sought out and learned from. There are strict rules about curfew and dress code so anyone who is against those minor details would be a great match with Southeastern.


We are a Christian School, so a Christian should attend this school. Someone who is friendly, open to making lots of new friends all at once, and likes to have deep conversations about God should attend this school. There are lots of different types of people here: jocks, artsy people, punk rock kids, "geeks", and then there are those of us who don't really fit into any of those stereotypes!


A person that is open to learning about the Christian faith and that is serious about engaging in a Christian culture.


Any person would fit great here!


A person ready to experience fun, meeting exciting people and at the same time get a top academic education.


One who is looking for a good edcuation as well as a place to feel at home and a warm environment.


A person who desires to grow closer in his/her relationship with Jesus, should attend this school. The spirituality and realness on this campus is absolutely astonishing! Students who want to be close to their professors and feel able to access them at most any time should attend. If being heavily involved with outside groups and clubs is your thing, then SEU offers a variety to choose from.


This school is an empowering place for dedicated students. Even if an incoming student is still undecided about his/her major, good counseling will help guide a diligent student. This school is a great place to find direction. Still, the school will meet the student in the middle. Work that the school puts in, is resposibility that the student should meet.


Anyone who desires to be a whole person, mind, body, and spirit.


If you don't mind a few rules, then you are a shoe in! Just go with the flow and don't be too uptight about anything... It's college. Enjoy yourself!


A person who desires to grow and mature physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


A person who it truely interested in God and what He has for their life.


A christian person or a person that is looking to calm down after a crazy past.


Mainly, as it is a Christian or "bible" school, it would be a good idea for an attendee to be at elast some form of Christian, Catholic or Protestant. As well, they should have a desire to lead a fruitful and fulfilling life, and hope to live beyond just themselves. In short, they should have a desire to live differently, and hopefully a loving attitude towards others.


Somone who is wililng to be challenged in personal development of themselves. Someone who wants to be stretched to become a servant leader and to change the lives of the poeple they come in contact with. Someone who wants to change the world they live in and be prepared to do it. Someone who wants to build lifelong relationships and have a meaningful outlook on life and the reason we are here.


Ready to learn and impact the world with SERVANT LEADERSHIP!


Anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with God and wants to experience a unique culture where you can cultivate life long relationships.


A Christian.


A person with integrity, attempting to become a person with people skills and quality. Anyone can and should come here, but once hey are here, then they are allowing themselves to be molded into a better, more reliable person. It does not matter race or religion, the common goal is to love God and the people around in life.

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