Southern Arkansas University Main Campus Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are full of energy and livelihood. We all did well academically.


My classmates are very nice, helpful, and sweet because they will help you if your lost, or get someone who can.


Most of the students in this area are subjectively unaware of their self-centered materialistic perspective of reality. Students are delluded in thinking they are progressing in life by graduating college. The biggest paradigm seems to be how dependent everyone is on other people (at least financially and emotionally) at this institution. The collective perspective is that of willful ignorance. Students choose to ignore fact-based information and rely on traditional practices that are flawed and inefficient. We also tend to be heavily superficial, which may be a product of our media, diets, and philosophy.


My classmates are very diverse, yet very sociable.


The majority of my classmates are a combination of eager, fun loving, bright, open minded people who don't mind helping a fellow classmate achieve.


Unique and open to new ideas.