Southern Arkansas University Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


SAU Mag has a wide variety of academic fields, and if the school offers the field one is looking for, it believe this school is for any kind of person.


I think that someone who wants the college experience without being at a huge university should go here.


any body that is out going and loves to have fun. this school is big on having fun...but also doing what you have to your homework and things of that nature. Shy people tend to break out of their shell once they get here, because the people here are very freindly and nice twoard you.


Someone not wanting a big campus and live in a small town.


Any person who attends this school should be self-motivated in the sense of not being distracted easily. There will be many parties and gatherings, but enough to miss a few so they can study.


the type of person who loves small classes and small town america should come to my school.