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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Justin, You're about to enter this big world known as adulthood. It's not as easy as it seems to be. When you go to college have fun, just not too much fun! Alwasys rememeber to put your school work before anything else whether it be work or socialization. Also, get involved with on-campus clubs and orginizations. One thing that people don't tell you about in college is that it's not always about what you know, but who you know. You should also make a positive name for yourself and get to know people of every social norm. You need to get acquainted with your professor and classmates on day one. Knowing your professors can boost your grade and knowing your classmates can get you help in your week subjects. In closing, always stay true to yourself. Don't lose your self in the hustle and bustle of the fast paced and exciting life of college. Though you go to a smaller university, it's still a university. I love you self, and never forget these tips that I just gave you. Sincerly, The Future You Justin Taylor


Psst Jenny hey you, well me from the future. I came back to save you, well us, from doing something really stupid. Don’t move out of our parent’s house! Finish college first and then leave the house. If you leave then everything that I, future jenny did to stop you, Jenny, will be for nothing! Just stop and listen to me! I came back to tell you how difficult these past ten years have been to get through college. First you had to wait for your residency to go to college and that took nearly 6 years, we only took a few classes here and there but we could barely afford it. After we reached our goal we had to pay the lawyers and of course rent, food, gas and that’s expensive. So now future Jenny is 27 years old working full time sometimes over 40 hours trying to rush to school on time and finish school work in between her lunch hour and breaks. And don’t get me started on the car problems we had to fix using YouTube. Please stay living with our parents, don’t move out!


Beth, you should stick with the goal to get your pre-vet degree. College is better than high school but you have to study alot more. Most of your free time should be dedicated to studying. You should go voluteer at the vet and get experience. always strive for success. living on campus is so much more convenient than driving back and forth every day. You need to find more scholarships. Learn to be more social and independent of another person because it will only hold you back. College life is great, so don't be scared, you will love it. Be prepared to pay a lot for books. Save your money so you don't have to work so much. And also, relax and go with the flow because all those negative feelings will weigh you down; be happy, it keeps you more motivated.


I would tell myself to focuse more on school and less on my friends. It is important to have a social life but once it starts to impact your education you need to come back into reality. The hardest part is moving away from home, your future depends on what u do with your education. If i could get one main point accross it would be that education is the foundation to success. there is nothing more important than a good education. When i graduated high school i had no idea what i wanted to do, i moved from california up to medford oregon and started a new life for myself. Now i know what i want to do with my life, i know that if i dont get a good education i will go nowere . i want to be a fire fighter and in oreder to do so i will need to go to school for many more years. there is alot more to learn in life and im just at the begging.


You should enjoy high school as a senior, because once you make that transition there is more pressure and stress. However, if you stay focus and keep your determination you will succeed. At the beginning the transition is over-whelming, but just take time to figure out a way to make your first year a success. "Never let it rest until your good is your better and you better is you best."


Dear Mandy, You have so much potential, you of all people know how precious time is, don't waste it. You're young, hungry and you have every opportunity at your feet to be whatever you want. Explore the things you're interested in. Most importantly, trust yourself. People have put you down all your life, but know that you are smart. Don't be scared. Don't second guess yourself, just go for it. I promise you will not disappoint yourself if you do everything you can to succeed. You have everything you need inside of you to make it, just look within. Remember what you were taught and how hard your parents worked to get you here, make them proud. Don't get intimidated by other's ability and when you inevitably do realize you're capable of everything they are. Nobody can take your mind away from you and realize, as a woman, this is vital. Do what you love and do it so well that when you aren't around your work can speak for itself. Stay focused, motivated and hardworking. I'll see you at the top.


If I can go back in time and give myself some advice, I would tell myself to be prepared for college. Some high school seniors enter college not prepared. I am thankful that I received a quality high school education. I would also give myself the advice of preparing for the ACT test as soon as possible. The test plays an important role in college admission. I had to score high enough on the ACT to attend the college of my choice. I had a smooth transition into college. The only thing that I had to get use to was being away from my parents. I haven’t spent any time away from them before college. I had to get use to not being around them all the time.


If I could go back to being a senior in high school, I would not go to Votech. I would stay at school and take AP classes, fill out as many scholarships as possible (because college is EXPENSIVE), and make better grades. It is tough paying for school, and working can distract you from your studies. If I could go back to high school I would change so many things. I would have been starting college as a sophomore, or atleast with some college credit.


I would tell myself that being yourself is one of the best things to achieve. When you believe in yourself and what you do, that is the ultimate accomplishment, and everything else will work itself out. I would also tell myself to learn on my own, instead of sticking with the same conditioned routines, figure things out for yourself. Life is a blank canvas and we are the artists, you can't go back and undo a painting, but you can paint over it and learn from it. I would also tell myself to wake up.


The advice I'd give Myself would be to search for an alternative lifestyle that would allow me to study privately and maintain adequate support socially and financially. I would suggest Myself to consider not attending college, for now I've realized how I transitioned into college without really understanding anything about it, life, or anything that seems relevant or important to me now. My perspective recently has evolved to understand that life is more than money, credentials, or any materialistic affluence. Instead, I feel now that life is about discovery and being self-sustainable, independent of the variables that negatively impact our body and mind. So, I would continue to persuade Myself that life is about living to the full potential, and the things that separate us from other animals should be used for each other, not exploited as some egocentric universe which happens to be the traditional paradigm. However, the mind's evolutionary shift is happening, and the current zeitgeist is that of independence, cooperation, and compassion for existence (not to mention an open-mind). But the paradox of this expression is that I may have never come to this understanding if I had not gone to college.


I have gotten a lot out of my college ex


What I have gotten from my college experience is that it’s a new step in life that you have to make so that you can become someone in life. At first, I was pretty scared in knowing how I was going to pay for my studies since I’m almost getting married and my future husband is in the line of losing his job. Then, there was the list where they were scholarships and free money to students were available. From there, college experience changed. You can study and they provide you the facilities that you need to complete your assignments. This is valuable for me to attend college because this is what they told me in my orientation, “People outside college are looking for students that have responsibility. They are looking for students that have good attendance because that shows that we are responsible and we are good candidates for the position offered.” Besides is like my teacher said in high school, “miss a day, miss a lot.”


At 25 I recently began attending my local community college and I am loving every minute of it. My professors are amazing and they really have a passion for what they are teaching. I see a lot of students not show up to class but I have been there everyday not only because I pay for it so I should really be there but because I want to be there. With attending everyday comes a whole new value for the educational system. I have gained mass amounts of confidence and love speaking in front of the class and participating in class discussions. I have made an amazing set of friends that also make up my study group! I wake up every morning excited to go to school and it shows in my grades. 7 years after last attending school and I am earning a 4.0. The struggle to come up with money to pay for school is always looming over my shoulder since financial aid only covers a fourth of my tuition but I manage to scrape the money together because I can't see myself any other place right now than at Clark College.


I learned how to be a teacher. My undergraduate degree in agriculture education helped prepare me for my current field of special education. I went on to get my M.Ed. from SAU and am currently working on my PhD in Education: Special Education. I feel like getting my degree from SAU provided me with the skills I need to learn how to be a teacher and how to understand the needs of all students.


I have learned so many things about myself since coming to college. I have learned time-management, social skills and networking. I have increased my knowledge in my preferred field of study. The agriculutre professors are great, they have taught me that I can rely on them to help me out with any problem, school or life-related. Socially, I have found friends, both my age and older, that I can rely on in any kind of emergency. Being a college student now living on my own has forced me to learn responsible, and minor house repairs! Basically, everything that I have experienced and learned since leaving home has helped me to become the strong Christian woman that I am and that I want to be. I wouldn't change these experiences for anything.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. I have become a much stronger and well rounded person. I have become more outgoing and have learned to live life the way it needs to be lived. I have made friends and connections with people that will last forever. College has taught me so much from the actual classes to the outside "experiences". It has made me, into "Me".


Learn how to budget your money, and only buy the things you honestly need. Also do not slack off in the second half of the summer because it will cost you playing time this year from not being prepared physically.


I would tell myself to focus more on the core classes I took in high school. I would tell myself to not be so dependent on the teachers and even my parents reminding me on assignments and to get work done that I need to do. I would also tell myself to listen more to my parent and understand that "money doesn't grow on trees". I would tell myself to plan my spending better and spend from a budget when I had my summer jobs. Above all else, I would tell my parents how much I really do love and appreciate them for all they do for my sister and me. Other than that I would tell myself, like I really did, that nothing is too hard for God and He's always by my side.


You should move off instead of going to college in your hometown for the full college experience.


The only advice that I could give to anyone seeking the right college is to be yourself and follow your heart. Go someplace where you can and will be happy. Don't go to a school just because that's where your parents want you to go - unless, of course, you will be happy there as well. Once you've decided on a college where you will be happy, jump right into the college life. Join the band, choir, any club that you are interested in. By being active on campus, you will meet more people. These groups will be your friends and study buddies. All-in-all, be you - follow your heart and do what you want to do.


The first thing you need to do is make sure you are ready to take on the challenge of being responsible, independent and hard working. Make sure that you're diligence and perserverance are at full throttle and only accessible to progression. Parents, you have waited long and hard for this, so don't put any more stress on your child than they already feel. This is a big step and you should be as supportive as possible. Encourage them and show them as much love as you would like to be shown. Don't smother or spoil them because that will defeat the purpose of allowing them to grow up. Potential student, just remember that you can still have fun and make good grades. Keep a healthy balance between playtime and your studies. Remember, your professors are there to help you, not intimidate you, so feel free to go to them. Make many friends and few enemies, if any at all, and always keep your mind opened to new challenges and further knowledge. Good luck on your college adventure!


Find one that will make you happy.


Realy in finding the right college you have to look at more than just the acidemics of a school. The acidemics i just one of the appendeges of the the school body. Instead of looking just to the appendeges you need to look to the "heart" of the school. The heart of the school is it's people. The people in a school can make or break the college experience. I went to several different interviews with colleges and an not ashamed to admit that i walked out on a few for the way i was treated. Parents look for the small things in what people say and the way they act. Students go with your heart, listen to your parents, but this decision is yours to make. Also remember that this is your future. This decision is one of the things that will shape that future.


Students and parents who are looking for a good college institution need to explore all aspects of the school. The student should have approximately 3 potential areas in mind that he would like to major in. Some universities offer the option of prospective students being able to sit in a classroom during a class and observing what the class is like. I highly recommend the student taking advantage of this. Depending upon the number of classes the university will allow you to attend, I would attend a class within the major I was most likely to pursue (preferably a sophomore or junior class because the majority of senior level classes require pre-requisites that the student will not have had and therefore will not be able to enjoy the class sitting) because the student will gain a better understanding of the work he will be doing to obtain his degree. The student also needs to talk to professors within the potential areas he wishes to major in as well. Finally prospective students can ask other students on campus about social life and things to do in order to learn about what events the campus has to offer.


The first thing every student will look at is of course the social life on campus. Though this is a big part of the college experience it is not what you need to focus on. Affordablity is a big aspect of selecting schools, but the number one thing to keep in mind is the school that offers the best academics for the degree the student is pursuing. Once a student receives there degree they will from then on out be tested everyday on the academics behind the degree not the piece of paper they received. Therefore every student should focus on the school that has the best programs for a students degree.


It's always best to start off at a small school and work your way to a larger one.


My advice to parents and/or students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience would be to first, visit the school. Get a feel of the overall atmosphere. To do this, take an unexpected trip to the school and talk to some of the students, not just the students that are there to assist you on the tour. Sit in on some of the classes that you or your child knows that he/she is interested in to see how the professor handles the classroom. Second, talk to coordinator/director of student activities. See what type of extra-curriculars and organizations are being offered at the school. Last, call the housing office to see if you can get the name and number of your roommate. Getting to know each other early and creating that relationship will ease your anxiety about leaving home. Make sure that it is someone that you can get along with for the next year or if things go well, the next four years.


I would tell parents and students to start by doing well in high school. Your grades really do matter. Students should take a class to prepare for the ACT or SAT. This test along with your GPA will decide your financial aid and therefore decide which school you choose. Students need to apply EARLY and to several different schools. Don't limit yourself or have your heart set on just one school. Visit the schools you're interested in before deciding to go there. Once you're actually a student , get involved. Fraternaties and sororities are great, but they are not the only way to enjoy the college life. Joining clubs that are centered around your interests, volunteering at the animal shelter, and tutoring elementary students are just a few of the ways to be involved and a great way to meet others with your interests. Friends made in college are usually life long friends. In college, you not only learn job related skills, but more importantly, you learn life related skills. ENJOY.


ask Alumni or go do an extensive visit to it.