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What is your overall opinion of Southern New Hampshire University?

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I have been with this school for a few years now and I love SNHU. The faculty, the advisers are fantastic! They are genuinely concerned about my well being and everything you need as an online student, even bursar concerns or career advisement is all online. Their online dashboard is easy to use and everything you need is right on your dashboard. I feel that I have learned a lot from SNHU and I recommend it to everyone I know!


Transferring from another online university and I have found kindness, but speak with people who have knowledge concerning their programs and financial aid. I am happy so far.


Southern New Hampshire University has helped me in numerous ways. Being a single mom of two young children I thought it would be impossible for me to ever return to school. After taking almost twenty years off of school I was completely scared and clueless of where to begin. The counselors walked me through every step and made it so easy that I thought to myself why did I wait so long. A year later I am thriving in school and still supporting my two children. Southern New Hampshire University has given me confidence and strength to continue to move up the ladder and eventually get my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. I am enrolled in the online program so I am not sure of the size of the school. However the online classes seem to be around 60-70 students. I have had great interaction with the instructors and have never had to wait for answers or feedback. All grades have also come back in a very efficient manner. I have told many of my friends that I have returned to school and when asked how I did it I tell them "Southern New Hampshire University made it easy" every one seems to have heard of this school in one way or another. Either from commercials on T.V or from the internet. I am so happy that I chose Southern New Hampshire University when returning to school Their support is the only way we made it happen.


Southern New Hampshire Online is by far the best online school that I applied to and currently attend


I found out after 6 months to study in the school,although there are so many great professors at school,but there are many non-well educated professors also we have.


I love Southern New Hampshire University, I feel as though they really care about their students and they really care whether we graduate or not. It's not about getting a paycheck to them, but it's about helping student like myself build confidence in their learning abilities and helping students in every way they can. I honestly have no complaints at all and my student advisor is wonderful. Their staff is very knowledgeable and if they can't give you the correct answer you are looking for they will direct you to some who does. Also, the teachers are extremely helpful and are always willing to help, I don't think I could have picked a better school.


I am very pleased with the unique curriculum they have for my chosen path. I m taking a major in Criminology and a minor in Forensic Psychology.


SNHU recently became the National Soccer Champions for 2013, they have a great soccer program, they also have a diverse amount of students from all nationalities which makes it appealing in a small town like Manchester.


The best part of Southern New Hampshire University is going to a school that is in the beginning stages of it's expansion and growth. SNHU during the past few years has gained attention through advertisements, their exponentially growing online program, and through the physical expansion occurring on the campus in Manchester, NH. President Obama even mentioned our school a couple years ago in the importance of competency- based learning that helps students improve the critical skills they need, while helping them save money. When people hear I go to Southern New Hampshire University, they immediately think online, and then they ask about the culture of on campus, where I go. I love explaining to people the distinctive culture that groups difference students to together, whether they be online, in-class, or continuing educational learners. With a growing con-campus population of over 3,000, SNHU is still has that small university vibe. Overall the biggest complaints I hear is about size. That the parking lots are too small, or that certain facilities do not have enough room for the growing population. This is heard, and that's why the drastic expansion of new buildings have been occurring over the past 10 years.