Southern New Hampshire University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The absences policy for classes. I know of schools that don't have an absence policy and their students do great. I feel if a student is staying on top of their work and getting the grades, why does it matter if he/she shows up to class. It' one thing if it's a day with a lot of class participation, but for lectures... most professors put the powerpoints online anyway. If a professor is just going to waste my time reading off of a powerpoint trying to "teach" me something, why should I bother going to that class in the first place? Also, there are a series of four SNHU classes (SNHU 101 for incoming freshmen, SNHU 202 for transfer students, SNHU 303 for juniors, and SNHU 404 for seniors). These classes are supposed to give you a friendly push in the direction you want to be heading. They're supposed to be low stress and low structure/free curriculum. Sadly, they're the exact opposite. As an incoming freshman last year I was extremely overwhelmed and mainly, it all stemmed from this class. I also made friends with many of the upperclassmen and they felt the same way about these SNHU classes being pointless.


Nothing to be honest. Very supportive school ! I do wish there was a way to sell back e text books.




The most frustrating thing about my school is that they do not offer scholarships to online students.


not enough research and internship opportunities


The most frustrating thing about SNHU is the technical difficulties the online blackboard tends to have each term. There are usually 2-3 days where the online aspect of the school is either running slow or completely down. The school does "compensate" for this, though, and oftentimes, deadlines will be extended to make up for the technical issues.


The most frustrating thing about my school is its location. I constantly feel as if I am trapped in the middle of the nowhere once I leave campus.


What I find frustrating is the lack of office hours for academic advisors. When it is that time of year to register for the next semester you will be lucky to see your advisor. My advisor last year had office hours twice a week for only a few hours. I had to track him down by asking other advisors and professors for help to locate him.


the most frustrating thing is the lack of student involvement


I have not run across any issues at all.


SNHU is very much like another version of high school. The classes are small, which can be a good thing for student/professor interaction, but most of the kids are also still living in some kind of high school society. The same issues and drama that arose in high school are still alive and well here, and it doesn't really seem like they have any intention of leaving.


The cost of tuition! Although I realize I wouldn't get a break anywhere else it was my oppurtunity to gripe.


Nothing so far.


Many of the lower level courses have very poor professors and many of the students are very poor as well.


There really is not anything that is frustrating about SNHU. It is school so there is alot of work to be done. But it would be that way at any school you attend. I enjoy SNHU alot and I really would not change much about it.


Everything from the faculty not knowing what they are doing to the power tripping public safety officers


The teachers because they dont really help you out and make time they just have one or two day a week office hours just for students but not there long enough to help everyone.


Lack of interest in academics among students. Kind of a boring campus.