Southern Virginia University Top Questions

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It is a small liberal arts college somewhat in the middle of nowhere. It is a beautiful campus in a beautiful location with a history. Every day you learn something new. The professors want to do everything they can to help you and the students are more than willing to share when it comes to books and notes from previous classes.


It's a liberal arts college so the course requirements and majors are very broad, while other colleges are very specific. It's also much smaller than the other schools I considered. The environment at Southern Virginia University is very unique on its own. I haven't seen another college like it.


Southern Virginia University is small and they intend to stay small. They're very concerned with the education of their students rather then the maxium amount of money they can make.


Its a small school with more one on one with the proffesors. The students live to the standards of the honor code.


My school offers a unique learning enviornment, by adhering to a strict moral code. This allows students to feel safe and secure in their learning enviornment and stay out of trouble.


The community at the school is one of its best features. The teachers and faculty have a great relationship with the students and the students have a wonderful relationship with eachother. Because of its size it's very easy to stay involved with people and activities because you're so aware of them. The whole spirit about the school is very warm and welcoming. It's very easy to feel like its a place where you belong because most everybody around you makes you feel that way.


I think the biggest difference from the school I chose and others I considered is the relationship between the professors and the students. Most of the professors are well known in their academic field, and yet they teach at a school where they don't get paid well because of their love for their students. The professors are very helpful in guiding you on the path you choose and working with you through their classes. Most of them remain friends with the students even after the class is completed. They are truly invested in their students success.


Southern Virginia University focuses on a Liberal Arts education with a basis in preparing the leaders of the future; the University's stance is that everyone can and should become Leader-Servants and supports the importance of a relationship with God. This is different from practically every other school; greatness is expected and everyone one supports on another to achieve that greatness.


They have a strict honor code and comitment to excellence, students here learn how to learn, research, and ultimately are more prepared for the wt their career upon graduation. Students here do not major in drinking, but are focused on academics have an attitude of service. The goal of the university is that ever student should become a Leader-Servant.


It's a small school centered around the Mormon lifestyle and standards.


Small size. The other schools I could have attended are much larger with, consequentially, much less individual a feel to them. I know my professors by first name and interact with them in the community regularly, and I recieve a personal education from them. SVU is also a liberal arts school which offers a broader educational foundation than the other schools i looked at.


Southern Virginia University is a small liberal arts college (we only have about 750-800 students) in an LDS (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...commonly reffered to as "Mormons") environment. The faculty and staff are concerned about the students as individuals, and the motto of our school is "becoming leader-servants."


This school is not the place for people who like to drink alcohol or who get along with people who drink alcohol. It is not accepting of people who don't live it's standards.


The professors.


Southern Virginia University is a Private Liberal Arts College, not owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Say Saints but has a campus majority of LDS students- that is as unique as it gets.

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