Southern Virginia University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Sometimes I don't get cell service or the wifi stops working while I am in the middle of doing homework or sending an email to my professors. We are in the process of a huge capital campaign to get it all fixed up nice, and need more donors!


I can not afford to attend some times. I struggle with the finacial part of school. I love it at Southern Virginia University but even though i work so hard in my classes the scare of not being able to afford it frustrates me.


I've found the most frustrating thing about school is the fact that I am completely responsible for everything. Don't get me wrong, it's good to have responsiblities. What's frustrating is that, when or if I fail I have no one to blame but myself. It's frustrating because I often choose fun over studies which typically leads to my failures.


Sometimes it's frustrating not having all the classes I would like to take. Because of the low number of students, some classes are only offered once (or less) per year, especially in the less popular majors.


The most frustrating thing about my school is being so far away from home.


The most frustrating thing about Southern Virginia University for most students, including myself, is probably the price. Even though the price is relatively low for a private university, compared to public colleges it is quite expensive. Many students come to SVU and love it, but are not able to stay because of financial reasons. However, if a student can find a way to make it affordable, the valuable education gained at SVU will be well worth it.


The most frustrating thing about SVU is that I really cannot afford to go here. I love this school, but it is really expensive. The school cannot provide me with enough financial aid to cover everything, and I understand that they do not have to do this. I am drowning in student loans, and the school is not doing well enough financially to help its students stay here. The education is entirely worth the money. However, I am very worried about paying back the student loans I took out in order to come to Southern Virginia University.


The quality of some students and the administration doesn't make clear the individual standards emphasized so a lot of the students without those standards do not take them into account.


The business and finacial aid offices are not always the easiest things to manuver. It is sometimes hard to see what needs to be done to get everything in order for the semester.


It is frustrating that it is so far from home. However, it is worth the distance. I sometimes wish it was cheaper, but it isn't as bad as most private liberal colleges. I feel a little left out because I wasn't raised in a great Mormon family. I often times wish I had a better sense of style or better clothes. I wish that there were more single, older guys.

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