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Saul Asiel

the thing that is most unique about this school is that it is very spiritual and since it is a small school the teacher can really help students one on one if the student would like it.


Southwestern Adventist University is the only higher education school that God told me specifically to go to. My advice is that you pray about where to go and go wherever God leads. That's the only way you will truly find the school that is right for you.


Not only does Southwestern Adventist University provide a learning environment where each student feels like they are more than just a number but also a spiritual environment that enchances learning capabilities. Being at a university where you get personal time with each of your professors to better understand course materials was very essential in the decision I made. Never getting lost in the midst of all the craziness, Southwestern Adventist University has given me opportunities to better myself not only academically but also spiritually. An academical education is equally important to me as a spiritual education.


What is unique about Southwestern Adventist University is that it's a private Adventist University and very calm compared to many other universities.

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