Southwestern Community College-Sylva Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Well, Southwestern Community College is ranked 4th in the nation for Community Colleges. Our school is mostly known for it's small classes, but with this comes great personal relationships between students and teachers. Our teachers actually care about us and care about our sucess. We also are a blend of all different ages, and it seems to work quite well. We have people from 50 to 15.


My school is best known for people who are undecided of a major. At SCC you can take general education classes that at least help you get started on the college life. While taking these classes you get to interact with other people and learn about majors from the, or the helpful advisors. It is very small and you can indidual help from your instructors, who are very helpful. I like SCC a lot and find it very helpful, and a place where i can be myself.