Southwestern University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing is definitely the tendency for cliques to form. Since it's such a small school, it's really easy for certain people to band with others and then exclusively be around those people. So it's really difficult for people who didn't find a clique that fits them to find friends whereas in a larger school, one person can be in multiple groups of friends, making it a lot easier on everyone.


It's not the most transfer friendly school (more intended for undergrads fresh out of high school) but we're working on it! :)


The worst thing about Southwestern is probably the seating area at commons. When lunch and dinner get really busy, there aren't many spaces to sit with your friends, and it kinda feels like you're in middle school or high school again. Sometimes the food isn't that great either and there wouldn't be many choices to pick from, but there are lines where you can make your own sandwich or something and you can at least get some food in your body.


The cafeteria food, and the workload is pretty hard, especially as a freshman. Once you know what to expect it isn't that bad.


The workload is a double-edged sword - the amount and constancy of work can burn you out if you're not careful. Also, sports are not a big deal here. We have no football team, for example.


The worst thing I could possibly think of at Southwestern is the lack of Conservative students on campus. This is a very liberal University, so sometimes I feel left out due to my beliefs.


The size and the lack of financial aid available for white middle class students


the food in the commons is not that great and they require you to buy a meal plan which is frustrating.


Because our campus was so small, everyone knew everyone's business. Females far outnumbered males, making dating dificult to date on campus. Also, the food in the commons was awful and made me gassy and constipated - also making it dificult to date on campus. hahaha




The food. The meal plans are not very flexible, and because we are a really small school, we only have one cafeteria. The food is not very good at the cafeteria, and the only other dining option, the cafe, is pretty expensive. There are cheap and tasty food options off campus, though.


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