Southwestern University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The typical SU student is smart, fearless, sassy, finds time to work-out, friendly, and adventurous spirit.


Someone who feels overwhelmed with the idea of going to a school with thousands and thousands of people would do wonderfully at Southwestern. Also, Southwestern better suits students who aren't good at teaching themselves the curriculum and are diligent in consulting their teachers for help. Southwestern is great for people who are outgoing and enjoy having strong relationships with friends instead of having tons of friends, but very few that they are actually close with.


A person who does not plan on depending on a lot of loans for their education, a liberal, upper middle class, white, top ten percent (at least), socialite individual who has big plans for success in life - these are the characteristics of a majority of SU students. Few other students outside of these haracteristics stay at Southwestern University for the entire 4 years.


goal focused and activity oriented


Someone who is very interested in academics, enjoys a tough workload and a lack of sleep, and is fine with being surrounded by very interesting people with diverse beliefs.


Someone who will work hard, but who can also be involved in extra-curricular activities.


A person wanting to grow as a student and reach their full potential


someone who wants to learn and not just receive a piece of paper.


Southwestern University is the best environment for students who want to work hard and play hard. Its close enough to Austin that if you want to party hard on the weekends you can go to clubs there or you can stay on campus and party at the fraternities, but Southwestern has plenty of people who aren't big drinkers or partiers. There are lots of movie nights, comedians, small concerts, guest speakers and lecturers and fine arts events on campus that you don't need to worry about your social life here. Just be ready to study hard regardless.


Someone who is academically serious but enjoys a small, devoted environment. No one is forced to volunteer, but someone who is interested in volunteer work can find a lot of support and opportunity at SU. Class sizes are small and professors are engaging, so people who like classroom intimacy will get a lot out of that, and even basic courses tend to have less than 30 students. The campus is absolutely gorgeous with large trees and limestone buildings, so even in a visual sense, there's something to be gained about people who want "the beautiful university environment."


above average learners


southwestern is great because it accepts all different types of people and they all fit in very well.