Southwestern University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to this school, I wish I had known more about the lifestyle and what the classes were like at Southwestern. I never did an overnight stay, although I wish I did. I only did a short campus tour, but I still wish I knew more about the academics, programs, and organizations at Southwestern before I came here. I wouldn't be as lost as to what's going on in campus, and I would have been able to prepare myself for the rigorous academics at SU.


I wish I'd better understood the AP/IB process of acquiring college credits in high school because there are so many facinating upper-level elective courses at SU that I didn't get to take simply because I ran out of semesters.


I wish I'd known how to study, but by now I've learned. Don't worry too much, Southwestern will catch you up on writing skills and good study habits and things of that nature.


One thing I wish I would have known before attending Southwestern would be how credits transfer. Some AP and Dual Credit credits transfers as electives. However, this is not a bad thing because you still receive credit that works towards all majors. I just was unaware about how a few of my credits transferred.


I wish I had known that academics at my high school and local junior college were a joke.


Southwestern is comprised of an intimate community of life-long learners that value diversity, education, success, and most importantly discovering their place in the world.


Southwestern is a very intimate environment. You will end up knowing just about everyone on campus even if you only pass them on your way to class. This is a very close group of students, professors and faculty. If you don't want to know everyone you go to school with, this is not the school for you.


I wish I had known that it's not too important to know what you're going to major in right away and that it's okay to take some time to figure it out. That knowledge would have saved me a lot of stress my freshman year.


How to get better scholarships


Study. Just do it. Don't drink all the time. Pay attention to school work too and don't just slink by.


Dont even think about slacking off.


How large the academic load is. Also, that there is nothing to do in Georgetown and the campus is usually dead on weekends. Most weekends my friends and I went down to Austin to find things to do.