Spokane Falls Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is its special allowances for returning students. While it is admirable of them to be returning it is not the english classes job to teach older student to use Word or other software. This really slows down the learning of the entire class and causes frustration.


Not much but they wouldn't issue student id cards if you were going to school online (and lived out of state, so you couldn't drop by) so I was never able to get a student discount for anything.


This is my first quarter at SFCC so I don't really have any complaints except for the parking is a bit of a challenge. There doesn't seem to be enough spaces close to the campus, so on occasion I need to park a ways away, which can be very cold during the winter months.


As a running start student, I have found that there is a slight communication gap between the counselors at my highschool and my college coordinator. This is a minor dislike, but places a heavy responsibility on the student. The enrollment process for running start was treacherous due to this communication gap, but well worth the effort. There is one counselor in charge of all of SFCC's running start students, which makes it difficult for organization, but under the circumstances the process is done well, but could be improved.


What I consider to be the worst thing about SFCC is that so many people smoke on campus. They can't smoke inside the buildings, but even when they smoke outside the smoke spreads!