Spokane Falls Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Get out of your shell. Yes, you have an amazing group of friends, but they are not the only people out there worthy of your time. Find people who will challenge you to be better, encourage you to try new things, and get you involved in the community. Dedicate part of your time to helping others. Time spent even just listening to a frazzled friend is more valuable to them than you can imagine. The more support you give, the more you gain, and that is something that is going to be critical in college. Do not loose touch with your family. Once you move away it will easy to get caught up in a life out partying and spending every spare minute studying. Do not neglect the people who have been there for you from the start. Your parents, grandparents, and siblings want to hear about your triumphs in school and they want to help pick you up when you get knocked down. Just pick up the phone, even if it's once a week, and make an effort. You already know you're a smart cookie. Good grades will happen, but make sure to keep yourself supported.


I would tell myself to spend 3-4 hours on campus, out of class, in order to study. I didnt realize how much I really did need to study outside of class, until it was too late. Now I need to retake several classes in order to fix my GPA so that it will reflect what I really am capable of. In high school, I was a top student, and I got good grades. I thought that I was taking school very seriously. When I got to college and had the same high school mentality about my classes, I realized that I needed to buckle down and get much more serious about schol. Now my GPA does not reflect what I really can achieve, adn thats very upsetting. I would tel my high school self that seh needs to remember that college is NOT high school.


I wish I could have told high school me that there's no shame in going to a community college. I remember hanging my head and thinking I was a hopeless failure--that was simply not true. I was so sure it wasn't bullying from my senior classmates--they were too old to be bullies, right? I was very wrong--I should have stood up to them rather than letting myself be a victim. High school me should have been proud that I had a plan. I want to tell high school me to face this challenge head on and take the bull by the horns, and face the bullies, telling them my life choices are mine alone. I probably would have enjoyed the challenge of high school and realized my potential and the stronger side of my personality much sooner and spared myself a lot of grief.


I would explain to myself the amount of self help and with the dignity to give the heads up on how big of an transition i would be making to rely on my own intuisition. I would say to myself the work I would be doing to make an effort in obtaining my potential career and to stick to it tell the very end and work hard to achieve excellence is a key in making it out in this world because things aren't going to hand to you on a silver platter. I will give myself the courage to achieve those goals and not make the same mistakes that I had when on the road of a college career. Because without the knowledge at hand I would make a repeat of myself in talking to myself.


Don't stress to much about attending college, it isnt as scary as some people say it is. You'll actually love it and do so much better than you have ever done in high school. Do to the fact you missed out on some important classes during your high school sophmore and jonior year becuase you were hospitalized from a car accident, you"ll have to get a transfer degree first before going to a four year college. It may seem unfair as a high school senior but you'll actually be happier about it. You'll have more time to officially decide on what creative career fits you best for the life you want. You'll start to love school for the first time in your life and find out which friends are true friends. The down side in your transition to college is you don't realize how much it actually costs till you have to pay for it . School is ridiculously expensive and you'll have to pay even more because you have to pay for your extra two years for your transfer degree. Just believe it will all workout in the end and dont stress.


Taylor, I've come back from 2014 to tell you that whatever you do, don't go to WSU right out of high school. You need to know that you have ADHD, Social Anxiety, and suffer from a form of Autism. This is why you so often feel awkward, and never seem to have enough air to speak, and also find it difficult to complete assignments in the amount of time it should take. You're a bright kid Taylor, but you need to get some help. If you go off to WSU, it is going to be too much of a culture shock. You're dormitory roommate is kind of a jerk, 200-plus students crammed into a lecture hall is not as easy as it sounds, and you will get an infection that ruins your chance of advancing. Also, engineering is really boring, and you won't find anybody helpful anywhere. The only real tragedies will be not meeting Brad Stephenson or Dr. Rob Snyder, and not reading Robert Nozick's The Examined Life in Dr. Snyder's class. Take Philosophy at SFCC, and even if it's not required, buy that book anyway. You'll thank me!


I would go back in time to tell myself that you can make friends wherever you are in life, and just becuase you and you're friends go to different school's does not mean that they aren't going to be your friend. Friends will always be friends, seperations happen, but there is always room in life to create a new friend. I would also tell my younger self that you do not need to worry about what you want to do with your life becuase you are young, and just need to enjoy life for that moment becuase soon that moment has moved on and you can never get it back. Enjoy the time you hve with your best friends, and always find a time in each day to bring a little joy to somebody's life. The best days you can have are the days that bring happiness to someone around you. That is the most inportant thing anybody can do in life, is make somebody else smile. I would tell myself that you can do anything, but the most inportant thing is to make the people around you feel good about what the day might bring.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, it would be to convince myself to actually believe in myself and follow my own heart. And to remember my favorite quote by Tolkien: ''It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.' I put off college until graduation because I lost sight of who I am and what I want to be trying to finish high school, and as such, I allowed myself to listen to those who doubt my ability to make a career with a degree in history. The second thing I'd tell myself was to finish my remainder of Latin, instead of leaving it at only half a year. I need Latin in my line of career! Never listen to the doubters and naysayers, but follow your heart.


Yvette, although you have done okay for yourself you should have done better. You always thought of being in the medical field in some way and you should have stuck with that. There is no doubt in my mind that you wouldn't have any trouble adjusting to college life because you are a military brat and you were meant to adjust and adapt. You should have done better in math and science classes because that would have been your ticket to a successful future. Oh, and you actually have to study in college. College professors are waaaay different than high school teachers. You are actually responsible for yourself and its on you if you fail. That's why you had to take a few classes twice. Your mom is going to want you to persue a master's degree...I would hold off on that. Occupational Therapy arena may be the way for you to go. Good call on not having kids...that will sooo save you! Having a boyfriend is not all what its cracked up to be. No one is worth making your grades suffer. Now go forth and be awesome, Yvette! You do have a purpose!


If I could go back and give myself some advice it would be to not go. I would take a year or two to work, travel, and learn about myself and the world before I made a choice. Just because teachers, parents, and classmates all think that school is what comes next doesn't mean that it has to happen right away. There is much more to life than going to school and getting a job, take time to do something you love. If you don't love school and don't know where you want to go then don't. There is no better time than now to make mistakes, you have the backing of your family no matter what so go do something great.


I waited 17 years after high school to go to college for the first time last fall and enrolled completely online. Going to school remotely took all the negatives out of college and turned them into positives: no more time wasted commuting, listening to passive lectures after an exhausting day at work. Now I could just turn on my computer, read, write, and take open book tests. Overall, the experience was an incredible boost to my confidence, including the 3.9 GPA I achieved while earning my first college level certificate. Seventeen long years of working hard to become an editor in the media without school and realizing I could have taken online courses, earned a degree, more money and respect than the $13/ hour with no benefits that I was always given? I should have done that as soon as it became possible. ( In '96, when I graduated high school, online courses hadn't emerged yet.) So in a nutshell I'd tell myself: Go to college online- don't worry about attending a brick and mortar school.


I would definitely say one step at a time, make a goal but don't look to far forward because you might miss opportunities that might pass you by and you don't even know it. Don't give up, life is full of ups and downs and the only way to grow, is to accomplish what ever comes your way. Never stop learning.


Assuming I could go back to high school and talk to myself knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition my advice to myself would be fairly simple. I would say, ?Adrienne you are going to do some really great things that you wouldn?t change for the world so I won?t tell you about them. I will tell you though that when and if you decide to go back to college you will only do so when you are READY. And when you are ready you will EXCEL at it. You will make it work, because you will know what you are there for. You will know what your mission is. You will know what your passion is. That is all I can tell you.? Then I would blip away back to where I came from before past-Adrienne could ask me any questions because I would find it way too difficult to not tell her all about our adventures.


You have the choice to control your destiny, you have the choice now. What you do today, right now, affects tomorrow. You have the choice to be successful, confident, comfortable. You won?t have to worry about how you?re going to pay for your son?s diapers. Put down the beer and drugs, follow your dreams, don?t worry about money, do what you know is right and the rest will fall into place. You control your destiny. I would tell myself that I am going to to waste 10 years of my life.. That I will do things I promised myself I would never do. That i will spend time in jail. That I will start school again 29 so I could support my little family, and that I can avoid those things by getting on track now. Carpe Diem!


I would tell myself to buckle down and prepare for college life mentally. It is so easy to lose focus once you are in college. Remember why you chose to go to college, and why it is so important to recognize whats going on about life all around you, and all around the world. Living in the technology generation, having a Bachelors degree is just the start of life out there. A college degree will get you an interview, a better job, a better income. There is more to life than just the highschool popular scene. Highschool is just the beginning, not the end of your once loved easy life. you should learn to live, laugh, and love life! What better more than to learn to do so in college! So change seats in class, sit up front, and live to learn about life!


Without a doubt I would tell myself to finish my degree in order to get started on my career at an early age, instead of waiting. To look at the bigger picture and how I will one day want to raise a family and offer stability for my children by having a stable and good paying career.


"Hayley, try everything new you possibly can. Staying in your comfort zone is easier, yes, but jumping into a completely new environment opens up an entirely new outlook on not only yourself, but lifes' capabilities." This is the one and only statement I, Hayley in 2010, would tell the old Hayley of 2008. In 2008, I was a typical varsity track-running, football game attending high school student. I was to scared to jump into Running-Start during my junior year, which cost me 45 free college credits and the experience of a lifetime. I experienced 3 years of high school and loved it, but I was ready to earn college credit and flourish. I realized that I possibly made a mistake toward the end of that junior year, so I crawled out of my comort zone for my senior year, hesitantly. Once I had attended running start for 1 week, I was in love. I had inspiring teachers, classes I was passionate about and I learned something new everyday not only in class, but about who I am and who I want to be later in life. I do not regret staying my junior year, but learned from it.


Right now I am a Running Start student and a high school senior, so this is a good question! If I could go back in time and talk to my self about college I would say to study and do the best job possible, and make time for family and fun. College work is some-what harder than high school work, you have more homework and you are in charge of your schedule; but if you buy a planner, study really hard, and set your clocks five minutes fast all should go well. Another piece of advice I would give myself if I could go back in time would be to "stick it out", the first three weeks of a quarter are the hardest, do not give up! College really is not as hard as some make it out to be.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior I would first tell myself that i really need to not slack off, and get everything completed for graduation. I would then tell myself that I really need to start cracking down on applying for scholarships and definately try to get a job an keep trying! I would tell myself that college is not as easy as high school but its not anything that I cant handle, I am smart and as long as I stay ontop of my workload I will do fine. I would lastly tell myself to have fun! This upcoming summer is going to be great, take care of the serious things that need to be done then you can get to enjoying yourself. The same thing goes for college, there are great opportunities for you if you just let yourself enjoy them, after you take care of homework and studying.


dont take your time like you always do, get up, and start applying for scholarships now, because if you don't now it's going to come back and and get you later on


To go to a college that offered a three-year degree program, and take my studies seriously. I feel that if I would not have blown off the importance of my education then I wouldn't be going back to college for a different career in my thirties. I am now focused and looking at getting my BA, and Masters in just four years, and I would have loved to have the same drive and determination to succeed at eighteen years old as I do now.


If I could go back in time it would not be back to my senior year in high school because I did not complete my senior year. I dropped out of high school in my sophomore year due to family issues. Now, if I could go back in time it would be to find help to keep me in school. Being able to finish high school would have set me up to complete college in a more timely manner. I am a 27 year old mother of two barely getting my assosciates degree. The process has been long and hard. I have had to take a lot of non credit courses to catch up to college level. Not only has it been hard to complete my degree but I feel the lack of guidance in my life has created a confusion within myself, not knowing what I want to be in life. The advice that I would give myself, as well as, anyone else would be to stay in school and to keep trying no matter how hard it may be, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.