Spokane Falls Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Spokane Falls Community College is all of the amazing staff, and beautiful campus. The staff spend a lot of time building a good friendship with students and teach them in a way that makes sence. And the campus is beautiful, all of the buildings have little study spots incase students dont want to study in the libary. SFCC is a great school for the first two years for anybody who wants to learn and have a great education.


The professors are great, classes are inexpensive, and the environment is great if you have the right perspective.


Passion. I am a running start student in Wasington State, so I am enrolled in highschool but attend college, SFCC. My community college has allowed me to find my passion, photography. Photography captures life in every aspect, I recently traveled to Mexico and while I was there I took many photographs of the culture, which is much different that that of the U.S. While in the dark room developing photographs, one has a sense of pride and accomplishment when a print is completed. SFCC offers diverse courses, which allowed me to find a life-long love.


Spokane Falls Community college is great school to start out with before transferring to a University. SFCC, provides many different programs for all types of students. The staff is very knowledgeable and compassionate for helping others.