St Bonaventure University Top Questions

Describe how St Bonaventure University looks to someone who's never seen it.


St. Bonaventure is a great, small school that has an excellent teacher preparation program made up of extremely knowledgeable and personable professors.


It is beautiful, nice, and a relaxing place.


My school is an academically challenging, spiritually uplifting, socially accepting, dynamically changing college campus that offers any student the security to learn more fully who he is and experiment with who he wants to be so that, in the end, he has the ability to find his true niche in the world.


My school is welcoming beyond belief and a place which encourages me to be the best.


Small, very friendly campus that really costs more than it is worth.


St. Bonaventure is a great school academically, but the buildings and roads could use some maintenance.


Best school ever.


You can get a lot of connections easily here, and great school spirit through the athletic program. Lots of good people and there are 2 kinds of professors here. Great ones, ones that you can't believe how nice and effective they are and at the same time care about you and your grades. And teachers that don't care what so ever and won't even e-mail you back when you try to contact them.


Home away from home


Saint Bonaventure University has a lot of school spirit.