St Bonaventure University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about St Bonaventure University?


Most everyone is really close, sports games are fun, while there isn't a lot around campus to do, you can always find something.


I love to talk about our basketball program because it is something that almost every school has that we can all compete against each other in and our team is exceptionaly good. I also brag about a lot of the clubs and competitions I am involved in because I honestly believe we are the best.


How good my friends are here. how much we all are eble to get involved and theo pportunities that being in clubs presents to us. also the job opportunities that we face after college.


I mostly brag about the people and the lifelong friends that I have made.


The qualified, nice professors.


how wild the bonnies get when drinking and out partying


How grea tthe campus life is


How great the people are and how much fun it is.


Social life. Parties/


I tell my friends that St. Bonaventure was the right choice for me. I also tell them that we might not have the best sports teams but we have the most sprit. St. Bonaventure might have the reputation of being easy to get into but if you don?t focus and set priorities you will not continue your education there. There are many opportunities for you to get involved with at St. Bonaventure, Its all there , you just need to want to get involved. Regarding the social life at St. Bonaventure there is always a party to attend .