St Bonaventure University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing is the people who do not try and think that they can get away with partying every night and then complain about the workload.


I would consider the worst thing is the amount of money that I have to pay and the lack of scholarships that they offer through the college itself


Parking at St. Bonaventure can be a hassle. There are many spots for faculty, but not enough for students. Security is quick to give tickets. Despite this, it is nice that students are allowed to have their cars at all, even as Freshmen.


The worst thing is probably the seating in the dinning hall. It gets pretty cramped during rush hour lunch and we should expand the seating area in the Hickey dinning hall.


I believe the worst aspect of Saint Bonaventure is the horrible security and money wasted on construction projects that dont benifit the living of the students.


there isnt much to do around the town. there are a few small strip malls but nothing extravigant.


Rampant drinking that breeds loud drunks. Makes it hard to get to sleep sometimes.


The acceptance rate because there are a lot of students that do not care enough about academics.