St Bonaventure University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Some classes are a little frustrating and confusing but I can deal with it. I have not yet declared a major . I am gettting nervous about this becasue I feel that I should declare a major soon. I need to spend some time investingation my options.


The most frustrating thing about St. Bonaventure is the tuition price and the little charges that add up to a hefty price tag. I am paying for the majority of my college education and I find it difficult sometimes to deal with the financial aspect of my education.


Its boring!


Times that the eating facilities on campus are open. They're often not open late enough.


The hours of operation of many buildings. Mostly everything is opened all day, every day Monday thru Friday, but the weekends have severely cut hours at the library, lab, and even the dining hall.


It is rather expensive to attend this school. I would not be able to do so without scholarships. I also do not care for the core curriculum. Some of the classes are wonderful, but I wish I had more of a choice in which classes I could take to fulfill the requirements.


Security has not been very helpful over the years. They are constantly writing parking tickets rather than securing safety. The school also spends a lot of money on the basketball team since its a division 1 basketball school, and it seems to take away from any good activities for the rest of the students.


They only have a limited amount of electives per topic. If you need a course in a certain area you may only have one or two choices.


I think the most frustrating thing about St. Bonaventure would have to be how there is one major place to eat on campus, the Hickey. It has very good food; the thing I don't like is how it is only open until 10:00pm. When that closes, there is no where for us students to eat. We tend to get very busy; and most of us like to eat at night.


At first the fact that there were no frat houses was really frustrating, but I have learned that it allows everyone to party to gether not in separate groups. It brings the campus closer together.


The most frustrating thing about my school is all the red tape and people that need to approve simple things. It seems that there is almost too much regulations that are needed to be followed and it is a hastle to get anything done. Either that or people don't feel like they can make decisions so they pass it on to someone else who may or may not know whether it is a good idea for them to approve of it.