St Catherine University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about St Catherine University?


The most frustrating thing about St. Catherine University would be the tutions. In addition, living on campus is expansive. Overall, I like the unviersity. It's a small campus and have encouraging and supportive staff, professors and classmates. I felt very welcome into the university community, it's very comfortable.


PARKING! It's difficult to have a car on campus if you don't use it frequently. There's limited space and you WILL get a ticket and possibly a fine for violating parking procedure.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the administration. They are difficult to get a hold of and the answers I recieved were inconsistent.


For me, the most frustrating thing about the university is that there are two required English/CORE courses that all students (even transfers) have to take. The courses themselves are informative, but personally I find the courses a waste time of money, especially for students who have transferred in with a significant amount of English courses.


Lack of updated buildings and facilities. Most money is allotted to the nursing program.


There is no parking lot and you have to park along the road and walk a long ways to get to the school. The food is a small area with sandwiches and pizza.


There is a significant disconnect between the administration and the student body with regard to events that happen on campus.


We pay a lot of money to be here but sometimes seems like they are continually finding new things to charge us for, such as paper usage.


Finacial Aid is my biggest problem. St Kate's offers finacial aid only in the form of loans, it is pretty difficult to recieve grants or scholarships from this school. It only makes it so much more difficult because tuition is so expensive aswell. I feel this school can afford to lower tutition/give out more scholarships, but the administration is worried about what finacial difficulties it might have. As far as money goes, the administration seems to care more about the money it gets to the people running the school than the ones attending it.


Recently, they've been a lot more stingy about how much money they are giving out in financial aid, which is probably a result of the failing economy. Also, the administration has made decisions behind the students back (such as the impending name change to University), but said they had student support.