St John’s University-New York Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


St. John's University is a school that always strives to be to improve and looks to the advice of it's students for that matter.


St. John's is a melting pot of ethnic and social backgrounds; it has so many different clubs and organizations for students to choose from--for example, there's groups like the Mexican American alliance, Catholic Student Community, a wide range of fraternities and sororities, and everything in between--and also hosts a plethora of different events for students to enjoy, meet new people, and share interests with people they had never talked to.


St. John's is a very diverse school.


A very friendly environment with staffs that provide full assistant any time of the day. The Professors are very supportive no matter what the circumstances are. Advisor are very helpful in guiding students to the right path for a successful future.


I am a very nerdy, liberal, laid back person. I like to just go with the flow and see where the flow takes me. However, I am very persistent in my studies. I hate missing class and I usually get high marks on my assignments. I get easily stressed out by school and I can be very irritable when I am stressed. I love the arts. That includes music, theater, art. I love it all.


St. John's is a freindly place to learn, grow, have fun and meet to newpeople while working on your career goals.


My school is full of diverse individuals who all make up this fun loving caring community, who's main focus is not just education but helping the less fortunate.


Well as I mentioned before it used to be a gold course so it has alot of wide open spaces and an amazing Great Lawn where anyone can play sports, paint, or even tan. The campus itself is also very hilly great for exercise


It's a very nice campus. there's a lot of greenery, a nice gym, and a beautiful new building called the D'angelo center. The buildings are very pretty especially the library with a Latin inscription above the door.


saint john's is a university in which you have the resources to strive towards any and all of your goals


Saint John's is a Vincencian mission-driven school which is dedicated to service.


My school is a small-town school in a big-city setting; it's quite possible to have two or three classes with the same few people, because of the honors program or a learning community, but you still get more than enough diversity that you can meet all sorts of new people.


While on campus, it is very easy to find something that you are interested in taking part in, due to the large amount of activites and events that occur on a daily basis.


My school is a large comunity of supportive people that help each other.


St. John's University fosters an enviroment where diversity, and lifelong learning flourishes.


St. John's University provides prospective and current students the chance to be academically and socially successful in an environment that is drug- and alcohol-free, with the help of knowledgeable professors, deans, advisors, and other respectable adults.


The school I am currently in has a great Education Program that includes a lot of hands-on experience in the classroom. The professors are very smart and helpful which makes for an overall wonderful experience. However, the courses are on the more expensive side which is difficult.


St. John's (Queens Campus) provides the most comfortable campus lifestyle as well as caring teacher's which makes all the students feel a sense of confidence in themselves when we're in the classroom.


St. John's is a diverse tight knit community, with people from around the world. The Staff is friendly and helpful, and you dont feel likejust another number. There are enough students to feel like a large college and get the college experience, but not too many that you get lost in the chaos. The school makes you feel at home amongst the busy streets, and like you are important.


The place to be if you are a self reliant person, that did not get into your top choice school, and wants a sizable amount of financial aid.


It is an fun, well worth educational school.


Its alright...nice campus.


It will help me reach my full potential career wise and a better person.


Overall, it's a very good school but it costs a ton of money and the financial aid is terrible.


It's a decent school, but I could've went to a decent school without paying 40 grand a year. : )


the most educational and caring college


I love my school, its diversed and there are a lot of activetes to do on campuse and ficilaties to help you out with school work.


St Johns University offers a variety of majors in a diverse community.


very diverse


St John's University provides a wonderful educational experience.


St. johns is a very boring school to be at on the weekends, that is why I am never there.


It is very diverse, and offers alot of on campus programs.


a catholic university who knows how to have fun at times


Too much money for its quality, go to Queens College instead.


St. John's University is academically focused, but not as diverse as the students boast.


St. Johns University, I have never seen a more wreched Hive of Scum and Villainy In all my life.


A very nice but expensive catholic school


This school is a very close knit community, people are friendly and always willing to help.


St John's University is one of the best schools you can get prepared for Law ! even though my minor is accounting. I could say it.


A community of students engaged in the pursuit of higher learning through service in the community and exploring the faith within themselves.


St. John's is one of the most diverse schools in the world.


Saint John's University is a diverse and small school.


St Johns is a beautiful school, just too expensive.


it is a beautiful campus (the grounds are well-taken care of) aside from all the current construction.




A place where I feel comfortable and able to learn and have fun; sometimes at the same time.


Catholic, and very party like