St John’s University-New York Top Questions

What are your classes like?


There awesome!!! It does depend on your professor and what class your actually taking, but its great.


busy but i like my day jam packed you learn that when you have more free time between class you might slack off its better to do them back to back


Well, since I just changed my major. I'm taking a lot of classes needed to satisfy my major. So that I don't put too much on myself, I'm taking classes online as well. It's a bit easier because you can get your work done on your own at your own pace. But, I also enjoy the classes that I take on campus because I get to interact with other students and my professor face to face, which is very convenient.


My classes are interactive and interesting. Now that I am in my junior year of college, I am in classes that are geared toward my major which is what i am most interested in. I take both online and on campus classes and each have different pros and cons. The pros about taking online classes are they give you more flexibility and independence and the cons are you do not have enough interaction with students in order to form relationships. The pros about attending classes on campus are you get the interaction with students and you get to know a lot more people, while the cons are sometimes the professor may trail off topic and leave you sitting there bored and it takes up more time and energy to actually attend the classes. Overall, the workload of my classes haven't stressed me out and it's easy to manage with good time management. The professors are very aware that their class is not the only one you are taking so they do not try to overload students with too much work.


This semester my classes were probably the most difficult they have ever been. I took all English Classes. Not necessarily because I needed them as Major Requirements but because I thought it would be fun to challenge myself with harder literature courses. It was possibly the roughest part of my final year. I would never recommend anyone take 6 English classes in one semester