St John’s University-New York Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I inform them about how close campus is to my house and how my classes are usually fare.


I would say the fact that my school is a D1 school or the fact that I get a macbook pro for only $400. Or how extremely fun the basketball games are; or the really convienent times for gym use, the bragging is endless


There's wifi in our dorm rooms.


Basketball team, parties, location


This may sound odd, but I like to brag about my school colors. In high school, our school colors were brown and yellow, so now that I have red, white, and black as my school colors, I love to brag about it and make references to High School Musical. I also brag about the fact that I live in the gorgeous area of TriBeCa. The view and the access to the city is unbeatable. I also love to brag about the discounts that the school gets us for Broadway shows and sports games.


What I like to brag about the most is my knowledge on movies. Any questions they had about movies, I could answer them. They sometimes call me a walking encyclopedia of movies.


When talking about St. John's University with my friends, the ONE thing I brag about the most is how comforting the school is. Everyone that I have come into contact with at school, whether it is a student, professor, or faculty member, has been very kind and helpful. I couldn't have asked to be at a more fitting school.


I brag about the law school, pharmacy program, and the basketball team. Now I brag about the three students that are in the Olympics and previously attended st. john's.


Division 1 sports & being close to New York city


Because of its close location to New York City, St. John's is able to offer many opportunities that most other universities cannot. The Career Center works with students through out their time at the school. This program teaches students how to look and behave professionally as well as link students to internship opportunities in the city that match their career interests. Many of St. John's students are able to create relationships with employers and obtain a job right out of college.


I usually boast about how beautiful my campus is but more than anything I'm happy with all of the wonderful friends I've made there. They are all amazing people who will be in my life forever, guarenteed.


Mostly I speak of the campus and how beautiful is it. Also, I tend to mention that having the name of St.Johns University on my resume helps me alot when applying for schools because it is one of the top 25 schools in the country.


It's one of the best school's for Medical field in NY, also it allows all its students to choose between three choices of laptops one which you'll be able to keep for your time at St. John's and after you graduate.


The facilities and the technologies afforded to me are (for the most part) top-notch.


Honestly, I brag the most that Run DMC went there.


When I brag about my school it's ususally because of the academics. My school is known to have very high academic standings and also to have more than 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} job placement after graduation.


I brag about oppurtunites and academics. We have a great Pharmacy and Law program and we have great events and a lot of school pride. However, what really stands out is that my school focuses a lot on our mission, all freshman must do community service and all students are well educated on morality and are encuraged to make a positive impact on the world.


St. John?s University is one of the most ethnically and racially diversified colleges in the nation. There are many international students who attend St. John?s University to get a degree in their area of passion. The faculty and staff members of St. John?s University are very friendly and welcome students to a wonderful educational facility. Those who attend St. John?s University are fortunate enough to enjoy Catholic holidays with their friends and/or families.


Free Laptops we get


I tell my friends and family how friendly the staff is and how helpful the college is.


Always something to do in Manhattan


The diversity of the university.


I tell them about the small classes and great student:faculty ratio. I also always mention the benefits of being so close to Mahattan (my campus is on Staten Island), but not being right in the middle of the city. Finally, I always brag about the trips my school sponsors to see Broadway plays, visit museums, etc.


When I speak about my school, the number one thing that I brag about is the beautiful view of New York City from the top of the stairs that lead to the residence village. As well as all of the beautiful architecture done to the school around the whole campus. Everything looks beautiful, and I know that it was made this way to attract me and my peers, and it definitely did.


Our sports teams are Division 1- meaning we have tons of school spirit and get great discounts to watch our team play other big schools like Duke, Syracuse, and and Louisville. The absolute best part about St. John's, though, is that we're such a short distance away from midtown Manhattan. We're not in the city, so peace and quiet can be attained at our dorms in Queens, but the city is close enough to go to daily- and in the city that never sleeps, there's always something new and exciting to do.


I brag about how helpful the professors are. The school is always finding way to make sure their students are receiving the best education they deserve.


I tell them of the free laptop program that they have for all in coming freshmen and transferring students.


The thing that I brag about the most when speaking about St. John's is the very talented basketball team. Although they are currently in a slump, they are still competing at the highest level in the college rankings, which is D1. Numerous NBA all stars have played and graduated from St. John's University, such as Mark Jackson, Chris Mullin, and many more.


The ability to take only a few buses to school. the fact that many of my coworkers and friends go to the same school or graduated from my school and can tell me about teachers and classes.


I would most likely brag about the cultural organizations such as the gospel choir or the different culture clubs.


I usually brag about having become a city girl, and really knowing the city well. Also, we have division 1 sports which are important for the morale of the school over all. I always mention being in Jamaica Queens which is a sterotypically dangerous place, but the neighborhood is actually really quite safe and nice to live in.


i don't really talk to my frends about school.


It is a very diverse college.


how nice the school is. and the helping everyone is. its very easy to make friends. great night life


I like to tell my friends about how diverse and open-minded my school seems to be to new ideas and adoptind new customs. We have numerous of activities, organizations, and clubs to choose from and when I thought I was not going to join one because most did not seem to offer anything to me I found the fashion club. I was always interested in fashion and because they dont offer fashion as a major I was pleased to join. I dont regret it because it has open doors no freshman could imagine.


When I tell my friends about my school, I usually brag about my access to Manhattan and my ability to visit various art museums.


Awesome classes and great parties off campus