St John’s University-New York Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I dislike the bathrooms. They always seem unkept.


Not sure. The tuition is pretty high.




The worst thing about my school is that there is no train near the campus. Having a train nearby would make it so much easier for commuter students to attend school.


We have so many activities, I dont know which to go too.


It's in the middle of no where. How expensive it is. Lack of school spirit/activites.


The public safety. Their priorities are very skewed and they hardly ever come across as genuinely caring about students well being and safety.


The worst thing about my school is no one goes to sleep at a reasonable time. Coming from Upper Marlboro, Maryland dinner is served at 7, the stores close around 9, and kids are usually alseep by 10. When I got to college there was not any general sleeping period. People slept during the day, people slept during the afternoon and there just wasn't a general sleeping period like there was when I was back home. I blame it on going to school in Queens, New York. The city that never sleeps is a true myth.


The worst part is the amount of conservative policies the university has...such as the fact that women are not allowed in men's rooms. Also there are no condoms and birth control pills allowed in the university.


Nothing is explained, when high school teacher's say, be prepared to do everything on your own. They mean it. St. John had made me run everyday to them, for my ID, program, advisors, testing, etc. They won't tell you anything before hand, you have to find out on your own, it even takes a whole day figuring out one thing. It's not St. John's, it every university. Be prepared to be responsible.


The worst thing about the school is that as a pricate school tution cost too much.


The worst thing about my school is the bonding between the students. I believe this is because of the lack of promoting an activity and the lack of school spirit. I do not believe my school gives an 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} to let everyone know when something is going on during campus hours. I believe if they did more, like flyers everywhere, teachers writing it on their board of reminders this would bring school spirit. This would allow different people to come together and see more of the school as one and enjoy fun activities in order to bond.


The finacial aid office. They continuously give people the run around and inform people abut important information extreamly late.


There is nothing at my school that I consider bad.


Again, I'll have to reserve my opinion about the school after my first semester.


Although I love many things about St. John's University, one thing that I feel detracts from my experience is the large size of the campus. Because it is a large university, it is at times more impersonal than smaller schools. The student body is very large, and it is harder to forge close relationships with both the faculty and my peers.


it is very expensive


I recently just transferred colleges, so i couldnt really say the wrost thing about my recent one. My old school had horrible service. Long lines, bad tempers with employees.


I would say the worst thing about my school is the fact that it was a commuter school for so long. Within the past ten or so years the University has opened it doors to on-camnpus housing and I feel like it has made the school even better. While the school is gettng better because of this I feel like the students do suffer a bit because for something like this ten years is a relatively short period of time. It will be interesting to see how is changes in the years to come.


The worst thing about my school would probably be the fact that we have random fire drills during all times of the day. For example, we had one drill that took place 4:30 in the morning!!! Another not so good thing about St. John's is that during the weekend campus life dies down a bit.


The cost of my school can discourage local students from attending since there are other local schools that privide education at a lower price or for free.


I have no complaints, I love it. Oh the elevator.


We have no football team. As funny as it sounds, if we had a football team we would have tons of school spirit.


There is nothing wrong with my school.


i love St. John's. The tuition is so high that alot of people that want a good education must drop out. I hope that i will not be one of those people. But the things that i don't like are too many dorm rules, especially for the visitors. There is also too much construction going on around campus.


Probably the fact that it's more on the conservative side - it's hard to have insane parties here on campus but at the same time, it's a prominent Catholic school. It has that sort of prestige.


The cost


I think the unavailability of professors are a problem sometimes.


The thing that I consider the worst about St. John's University is the sky high cost of tuition. Not only is the tuition at a high mark, but it is contiuning to rise as every year passes. This school is a very money oriented establishment. Students are overcharged for nearly everything, even events that most students do not attend. It is also very tough to afford the summer classes, which are also very high prices at $900 per credit.


It is relatively expensive to attend especially if dorming. Most students struggle with the tution and take out multiple loans.


the price, I wish there it did not cost so much


The fact that it is private means that you are not going to hear too much about out of ciontrol parties. many of the students and teachers there take their religion as well as school to a whole nother level.


Overly focused on being diverse. I felt very awkward being a normal white person. Everyone is obsessed with their race/ethnicity and minority groups only hang out with each other


it cost way to much to attend this schoo alot of people cant afford it like myself


Strict visitation rules.


Their blatant focus on making money.


I believe the worst thing about my school is how much it costs to attend. There are some of us who can't always afford to pay right on time and then we have to pay even more because we are late. Also, the school thinks it is giving enough financial aid,but they really aren't because if they were there wouldn't be so many students(who happen to have great grades and a scholarship) struggling to pay each year.


The administration, always out to make a buck instead of helping a brother out.


it was very poor mostly local people largely a comuter school


The worst thing about my school is the area it is in. There have been many robberies when walking around outside of campus. It is fairly unsafe at night, which leaves the students to be stuck on campus.


It cost way too much money. Well, college in general cost a bundle. Most students are already thousands of dollars in debt even with financial aid.


The worst thing about the school is probably all the construction. It creates a bit of a problem for commutters parking, but should be done soon and will only beautify the campus.


It's very hard to pin point one but If i had to then I would say the Library needs more revision. It's more built as a lobby for entertainment than it is for books.


The tuition is too expensive


The school is very catholic. Although it attempts to diversify and attract all types of students, it is still very much centered on being a catholic commuter campus. The university needs to focus on expanding services for resident students.