Stony Brook University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Stony Brook University is very science-oriented school which mainly focuses its courses around the science and medical field.


Stony Brook University is mostly a science-based research university hidden in the suburbs of Long Island with a very diverse student base, strong academics and highly qualified professors but it's not necessarily a college town and thus lacks a vibrant social scene.


Stony Brook is fun, enlightening, challenging, and provides students with the necessary resources to suceed in life.


It's incredibly beautiful on a sunny day. There are lots of geese that leave droppings on the floor very often, but you get used to it. When a class finishes, the major paths get very crowded, but it's tolerable.


Stony Brook University is a very diverse, recognizable, and reputable university.


Good investment.


Stony Brook University is a scientifically motivated college dedicated to improve the standards of technology through educating students.


Absolutely FABOULOUS


Stony Brook University is an excellent research facility which happens to teach, but with a wide variety of clubs to satisfy other interests as well.


Stony Brook Southampton is uniquely diverse, as a whole we look to better our futures by improving our surrounding ecosystems.


Stonybrook University is a mixture of different cultures all united for one purpose: Education.


Stony Brook is about school pride.


My current school is very large, but it has a very good teacher program for prospective teachers as well as a great biology program which is what I plan to teach one day.


Concerned with outward appearances.


Stony Brook is quite different from what I have experienced in grade school. The campus is huge and it seems as if you never run into the same individual twice. With the lecture halls being so huge its hard to make any new friends. But my friends from high school have helped me out during classes, and made sure that I reach my deadlines for homework. There are various ethnicities at Stony Brook so its a great way to learn about other cultures and helps individuals keep an open mind about the world around them.


Stony Brook has an amazing school of journalism coupled with a welcoming environment for new students.


this is a great school for health professions


My school is a fairly large campus with a great reputation, great teachers, it has many sports and clubs available, is very affordable and is able to open many doors for all it's students.


Stony Brook is very much focused on academics and research, and emphasized diversity.


great school with great diversity.


Stony Brook has a lot of resources available for students.


Stony Brook is a very acedemically focused school that excels in science courses.


Stony Brook University is an excellent school. The professors are great, the student are friendly and the food is good. The school is very academically driven and there are many clubs to become involved in. The best thing about Stony Brook is that you are getting a top eduction at a great price (Stony Brook is in the top 1 percent of colleges in the world according to the Times of London.) For anyone in state, this is an increcible school to attend, and for out of staters or internationals, the opportunities are just as exceptional.


Stony Brook is a math and science school, not really for those interested in the arts.


Stony Brook is a research oriented college with focus on preparing students for professional research; whose faculty encompass ethicities from around the globe, and whose students are as equally varied.


Administration only cares about money.


A very large diverse community that prides itself on its acheivements, which are many.


at first i really hated it but once you get involved it's not that bad


It is full of people who are constantly studying to try and attain their goals of being a doctor.


it made me want to jump in front of a bus


Great school


Stony Brook University is a large institute specializing in science/math/engineering, and boasts an incredibly diverse student body and faculty.


Stony Brook Univ. is a well challanged school.


it is a very diverse school.




It is a big research school focused on hands on applications and experiments but it is also diverse in its faculty background and diversity of classes.


Over all Stony Brook is Ideal academically but living wise it is not for me.


That it's unfriendly to commuters, never answers their telephones doesnt get back to students. Makes people angry all the time. terrible


Good-sized campus but class sizes are too large, especially for lower level classes, where it would be useful to have class discussions and/or homework to help familiarize with new vocabulary terms or ideas, theories, etc.


Upbeat in the summer during the week but dead on the weekends, once winter hits the campus becomes dead both on the weekdays and the weekend.


The school is extremely diversified with an abundance of programs to allow you to learn about any type of culture whether it be that of different races, religion, beliefs, political, etc., as well as being a very strong candidate, academically, of being one of the top best100 universities in the country.


It is a small campus with a lot of students and it feels very cute here.


To me Stony Brook University is extremely diverse not only in culture but un personality as well.


A large, impersonal commuter school with a bureaucratic adminstration and horrible parking situation and outrageous cost-of-living, where the "diversity" is only skin deep, and with a strong focus on research (but don't let them tell you they invented the MRI).


Stony Brook University is tremendously competitive which brings out the best in everything you do, so help from other students is essential to survive; a wonderful experience.


The Wang Center was donated by Charles Wang and serves as a conference center with high emphasis on Asian architecture.


SBU Campus representatives show us their favorite part of campus.


Roth Pond is in the center of Roth Quad and is the location for the annual Roth Pond Regetta.


The Javits Center is the biggest lecture hall on campus