Stony Brook University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I would have seen a benefit in learning about the pros and cons of distance learning from a previous StonyBrook distance learner. It would have also been nice to have a pre-admission phone conversation with a current or previous distance student. A phone call with a student with distance experience would enable a new student to ask questions about how this type of environment will work into their lives. I would have also benefited from knowing all the resources available to distance and on campus students prior to attendance in an attempt to utilize all the benefits offered.


I wish I had known that eventually work out. I transferred from University of Michigan to Nassau Community College, and now to Stonybrook University. I was introspective from my first day in college, and uncertain as time progressed that I was in the right place to get the most out of my education and pursue the most rewarding degree. My passion is learning, but my drive was gone with other concerns hindering my freedom like finances and apprehension about core requirements. In this process, I learned that hard work pays off, not materially, but in terms of personal rewards.


I knew college was going to be quite distant from the comforts of high school, and I think that I was well prepared for that. It would have been helpful to know how tight the scheduling was and that certain classes were in such high demand. I only found out that Stony Brook was so tough to adjust to once I started attending. However, I would not change my choice.


I wish I had known that they were going to close my campus (Southampton), because I would never have wanted to attend a university as cuthroat and aggressive as the main campus of Stony Brook.


A roommate contract sounds corny and absolutely cheesy, but take advantage of one. This could solve huge problems for you, even if you don't suspect that you will have any. Just do it. Also, bring lots and lots of snacks (the food is good, but you'll want stuff in your dorm). And learn the buses before it's cold! And speaking of colds, bring tissues and medicine in case you or a friend gets sick. Cough drops will save your life!


I wish I had known not to buy books before the semester starts. Some of my professors don't use the books and one of them even changed the book he wanted to use at the last minute. Also I have found out about other avenues to buying books such as Amazon or other used book sites that are much cheaper than our on campus book store.


I wish that I would have known how good of a school Stony Brook really is. There is so much that they have to offer.


I wish I had known about the parking situation- there aren't many commuter-friendly parking lots. The campus seems to be oriented towards students who live on campus.


I would have like to known more about the class sizes. The freshmen classes are huge. and I personally do better in classroom settings that can offer more one on one attention.


I wish I had known how expensive food was, I would have better budgeted my meal plan.


I wish i knew that the weekends were so dead here. You forget that it's a commuter school and therefore most people are not around during the weekends. There is also less dining options offered over the weekend due to the immense decrease in number of students.


I wish I would known how competetive Stony Brook really is. I made a disjudgment on labeling Stony Brook as a not so competetive school, but being a major in the medical field I see that I can't take this school for granted.


To have fun on this campus, you have to be involved. There are alot of clubs and activities to take part in and when you take part in such things, you feel a sense of school spirit that has been growing stronger each year. As a freshman, I joined the Marching Band, LGBTA, and Geology Club. All of these things allowed me to do so much and made me happy throughout the year, whether it was because I was cheering on the football team or rowing a boat made out of cardboat and duct tape across the pond.


I wish I had known what undergraduate college would determine what quad I was placed in my freshman year.


what it is to be responsible I'm learning it the hard way


I wish I knew that the students get free massages at the infermary. I also wish I knew about their study abroad program. I would have take advantage of these things years ago.


I wish i had known about time management and how much of a difference it really does make.


What I wanted to do with my life and the requirements thereof.


I wish i knew more about the campus environment, which is not very friendly. Many students feel out of place and unwelcome.


The social scene


I wish I knew that most professors taught on the basis of their research and not on actually formal teaching. Also the large sizes are throughout the your years here at Stony Brook.


Not many aerospace resources.


Dead weekends, long distance from urban areas and stores


That I was not going to be happy there because it was my own fault that I didn't research the school enough. I just wanted to be somewhere where I could come home often.


The weekends are considered "dead" on campus, but when I lived there, I used that time to study. You need to be aware that Stony Brook is a very TOUGH school. We are ranked #2 as the hardest graded college in the nation by the Association of American Universities. This means that many students do not receive A's here, no matter what major you enroll in. Be prepared to work hard.


I wish i wouldve known that the administration cares so little about its students. I wishi knew the students were so unfriendly and that every thing is super packed. I also wished I'd known that on top of my tuition the school raises is own charges which are useless becuase they do othing to actually make life better for the students, becuase they sink all of the money on construction projects that can wait for cheaper fees and better funding for students.


That some of the classes I took could have been taken at my local community college which is closer and less expensive.


How easy it os to take part in extracurricular activities..


I wish I knew how competitive it was because I would have taken the first semester more seriously. I figured it was a state school so it would be easy.


I wish I had known that the academic advisors are not very helpful at SBU.


The cost.






I wish I had known how overpopulated this school was. I also would have like to know the intensity of the classes. Knowing this I most likely would have chosen another school.


I wish I had known how small the dorms were, how unavailable teachers were, how impersonal classes are, how many students there were in an average class, how the academic advisors do not know how to help, how my AP grades transferred to classes and how expensive the meal plan is and how it runs out before the end of the semester, most of the time.


how horrible it was.


other students personal oppinions


tripled rooming for freshmen


That there's not much to do outside of the campus.


The quality of the dormitory bathrooms during the semester.




How many Asians there were on campus.


How many commuters there were, how dead the campus was on weekends, and how science oriented the students tend to be.


I wish I had known about the TA opportunities. My career goal is to become a teacher, and I think that being a TA would have been not only helpful in assessing the type of work a teacher puts in, but it would also loko great on any resume for such a job.


Save money for your masters degree.


I wish I had know how competetive it was. So many people are premed and they are all vying for your place. I dropped premed because I decided I didn't want to be that type of person. Luckily Stony Brook has a great psychology program as well and I am much happier now.