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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would encourage myself in everyway possible. I would tell myself to not put off for tomorrow what I can do now. I would tell myself that all things a possible to those who believe and put forth the effort.


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Knowing what I know now about college life in making the transition, the advice I would give myself is to first become a goal oreiented individual and feel good about who I am. I have learned to visualize the end in mind. By having that type of attitude, helps me to take full responsiblity in everything that you do in life; and of course it inturns effects my education as well. I noticed the more goal oriented I become the more that I push myself to not only do just enough but to go the extra mile. and that in turn, helps me to make the grade and consitently stay on the honor rol.


The advice I would give to myself is to never give up. Be confident in yourself and that anything you put your mind to you can do it and any goals you have in life you can achieve them. No matter how hard theing seems there is a silver lining in every cloud you just have to look for it. Things may not be easy at first but don't give up. Ask question if you don't understand and keep asking until you do. If you are having problems get help early don't just give up. I guess what I am saying is it will be harder than high school but it is achievable if you have the determination.


The main piece of advice that I would give myself is to take your acedemic future seriously. Your education is one of the most important things in your life and everything that happens in the future will revolve around this.


Do not postpone your future! Make everyday count as you continue to take the steps in your educational journey and achieve your dreams and goals. Build friendships and bonds along they way--for the road is long and none of us can do it by ourselves. Love your family and most of all yourself. Find the educational path that is right for you--and you will truly be happy. Do not be afraid! Dream big and keep hope alive--you can do it! I believe in you--now believe more than you have ever believed in yourself and do it!


I would tell myself to make better decisions and check out more schools. There are lots of options, don't settle, choose wisely.


If I could go back I would tell myself to pull it together, and stop being such a proscrastinator. School is amazing and a great feeling of accomplishment. I would tell myself that it isnt a waste of time and that it is very benefical if I want to get a great job and succeed in the profession of my choosing. School is a tool best used for future reference, and what you may think at the time is a huge waste of time and money is a great pay off in the end. You figure it will take you only 4 years to complete school, and the rest of your life to reap the benefits


Attending college has enabled me to continue my career progression and it has also taught me about the cultural, ethnic, and religious differences that Americans share. College has helped me to better my life in many ways such as changing my tolerance toward different ethnic groups and religious affiliations. College has helped me to increase my global professional contacts which have allowed me to become more proficient in my task of protecting American lives abroad. College has helped me understand the global economics of less developed nations and opened my eyes to their struggle to develop. College has helped me to understand why so many non-government agencies such as Doctors without Borders strive so hard to help individuals in poverty and war stricken areas. Most importantly, college has helped me to expand my knowledge and has made me a more cultured and intelligent individual.


College means different things to different people. I want to learn more of what the world has to offer me and what keeps me interested to explore more options to learn everyday. Going to college has expanded my knoweldge to dabble in different fields and really see what options would be good for me. I am testing my talents and trying to grow into a great person. Once a person goes to school you may not enjoy every class you may attend but your bound to learn something. Even if you just learn how to be an adult and how to be an independant person, we all learn something and can take something away from this experience. I want to continue to learn my talents and put them to use in the everyday world. I want to feel that I can make a differance. And in the end, my education experience is "Priceless".


There are many valuable lessons and educational values I have received out of my college experience. Most importantly, college has created discipline and structure, a desire for knowledge, and the ability to satisfy personal acheivements. I am currently a junior who is pursuing a Bachelors of Science, International Business. I plan to continue my education by attending law school. I made the decision to continue my education back in 2007. Up until around this time I lived a very undisciplined and unstructured life that came with a host of personal consequences. Since then, I have become dedicated to my educational advancements and value the gift of education as the one the most important aspects of my life. My desire for knowlege deepens the farther along I go through school. There is so much out there for individuals to learn, interpret , and use to their advantage. This is what movitvates me the most throught out school. I consider myself to be a person that has been granted a second chance at life. I continue to make the most of it by continuing my education. Combined with hard work and a postive attitude I am determined to continue to reach my goals.


I have gotten self satisfaction and worth. It has improved my life in so many ways!!!!


In my life higher education has always been top on my list of priorities. Neither of my parents or my four older siblings have graduated from college, in no way does that make me feel better than them but, in allot of ways it makes me feel very privileged. Some people never get the opportunities? to expose themselves to any higher education. Being in college has made me see the endless opportunities? I have as a young American citizen and as a person who has not grown up with any college fund or special savings. I know that when I receive my degree it is because I put the work forward to earn it. The realization of being self-sufficient and self motivated has instilled great confidence and a drive to exceed the expectations of others and most of all myself. Without attending college and having that experience I would never know my own capabilities and that is very valuable to me and my self esteem.


From my college experience, I have reaped a strong sense of accomplishment. Every time I take a class, I feel more empowered, and it brings me one step closer to my personal bachelor's degree. Whether taking classes on campus or online, you learn how to work individually and as a team. This is a very important attribute when working in any organization. Some time ago, when my daughter was in middle school, she asked me the following question. She said "Mommy, why are you still going to school?" I replied "Because you're never too old to learn.". At the time, I wasn't that old but I wanted her to understand that there are many more opportunities afforded you with a higher education. I wanted her to understand that learning does not stop after high school. She got it! I am proud to say that two of my three daughters actually completed their college degrees. I am 51 years old now, and knowing that the example I set for my girls years ago far exceeds the value I could have attained in attending myself.


Truth is that I have recieved a lot of support and help by fellow students and instructors, also the life of the campus is pretty good. I truly believe the reason why that is valuable to attend is because of the knowlege that have been passed down definitely will come into play when real world problems and situations happen. I truly love college and I wouldn't trade this experience for millions of dollars!


I had ups and downs while attending school, that's in the personal, professional and educational aspect; I have never given up to proof myselff and others that even someone that comes from another country can suceed and become a professional during tough times. It's been a great experience to know other with the same spirit and very valuable to know you are respected for your achivements.


If I could go back into time and tell myself what college would be like, the first thing I would say is ?save my money?. Going to college becomes very expensive and trying to pay bills and tuition is tough. I know people told me to stop shopping and save for college but I could make my car payments and go shopping when I was in high school and I thought I was set. Another thing I would tell myself is to pay more attention in class. I always got my work done in high school, but I never tried and rarely learned anything. I would do the bare minimum, not read the chapters but do the questions in the back just by scanning through the pages. I never learned anything, and now I feel like I?m so far behind my peers. Overall, the two things I would tell myself as a high school senior is to save my money and pay attention. These two things would have saved me a lot of stress. But at least I have learned from my mistakes and not slacking anymore and becoming a more responsible person.


Going back and speaking to myself in highschool I would tell myself that college isn't a walk in the park. It isn't like highschool, you have to attend your classes and complete your work or you don't graduate with your class. I would make sure that I would know how serious it was to complete assignment's and study. I would also make it known that parents aren't there and professor aren't going to just forgive you for forgetting your work. I would make it known that instead of being around people you've known for almost all of your highschool life you are around hundrends of people that will be different and will not treat you as you were treated in highschool. I would also make it known that college living and working is hard and in order to work, and complete your work you have to try and if you don't try then you won't succeed. Lastly, I would make sure that my chose of college was the right one, one I was comfortable and confident in.


I would tell myself to have fun because you're young, but to also be as equally serious about the decisions you make, regarding your life and the future. Expose yourself to many things, to help determine what you might want to do long term as a career choice. Search for your passion and develop your career around it if possible. Volunteer your time, and always be willing and prepared to help someone in need. Make smart decisions about the company you keep. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, and be willing to listen, learn and take constructive criticism. Focus on your education first. After school, explore the world, then consider marriage if interested. When you think you have found your life-mate, make sure you get to know that person's family it will help you to understand who they are, and what you are getting yourself into. Love life and people, and always give back, give back, give back.


Never stop and settle for ordinary. There is so much more out there and we should not limit ourselves for what is easy.


The one thing I would tell myself would be to pay attention. I would tell myself that this is free education so soak it all in because when you get to college the Professor or teacher is not going to baby me. In the conversation I have with myself I am also going the mention that those SAT's are important also the ACT's and ASVAB.


If i could go back in time, I would tell myself to better prepare myself for the journey ahead by: doing more research on schools, researching scholarships more, and overall keep my focus on the ,bigger picture which is to graduate , and not to get tangle in the college party life.


I would talk to me about how having a college education opens doors in the work force. The opportunity is not as great without education. It is hard to make money without an education. Education is very important. I have had to struggle financially through the years because I was not able to make the money that would have been available to me with an education. It has also helped my self esteem and built my confidence in myself. I have more to sell as an employee by going back to school and being able to find jobs and getting the experience that going to school has helped me to obtain. My skills are more marketable and I have a wider range of jobs that I can apply for.


You are about to take the next step in the awesome journey that is your life. Times might grt tough, but keep pushing. When you see something that will move you to the next level, make it your priority to do everything you can to reach it. Never stop learning, not just in school, but everywhere and in everything. The skills you've been blessed with will show themselves when you least expect it, so keep doing what you do best. You are even smarter than you think you are, but try not to get a big head. You will be humbled before you will rise to the top, but like I said before, keep pushing.


Online classes are the way to go, especially if you are a single parent of a child or two. This way you can work, take care of your family and still get a good solid education. Remember the purpose of a good sound education is to better yourself, your family and those around you.


As student and mom, I would advice all the youth and my daughters, to stop the crazy thoughs just once and think about their future and which career they want to follow. Then they should start taking some courses while they are in the school, so that they can transfer those credits, for the ones required in the University, if it is their goal. Other very important part, as a mother, I would advise others to include in their child's lifes, activities into groups such: scoutts, sports, etc ; in order to get scholarships within their previous years with activities that would help to afford what they want . I think that with this behaviour, their lives in the university won't create big headaches for their parents.


If I were to go back to my senior year in high school knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition I would advise myself to get a head start in applying for colleges. I would have advised myself to do so much better in school so that I could transition much better into college life.