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Our school is very career focused and less artistically driven. They also lead the educational sector in updated technologies, such as using a VDI / thin client interface for all their computers. They lack any fratarnities, sorieties, or sports groups, which personally I prefer. They focus on what is vital for education and why you came, not partying, drinking, or socalizing much.


Something unique about my school is you choose your program, only study your interest, and you can graduate earlier than other universities.


Sullivan is career-focused and driven to help individuals stay on track and become successful for life. They offered help in every way they can from beginning to end and truly care about the impact the learning environment has on the students.


Sullivan is a private University is an all year round school. This will allow you to complete your Associates degree in eighteen months or less.


It is ranked the third best school for culinary arts in the United States. They help you find a job after you graduate and list available jobs in the area while you are attending school. You can reatake any classes that you have previously taken tuition free for life. The class sizses are only about 30 people per class maximum. Anyone can come in of Friday, which no normal classes are scheduled, to make food in their labs or get extra help from his or her instructors.


Sullivan is very aware of working professionals who want to further their education. They understand and work with students who have full time jobs and help them to achieve higher goals.


Some unique things about attending Sullivan University are that we have smaller class sizes so that we receive all the individual attention needed by our instructors, all of our professors are very qualified and experienced in their chosen fields of study, we have diversity in our student body but unity and coherence at the same time, our school also sets us up so that we can know how to act professionally and excel after graduation. Also, living in apartments instread of dormatorys is definetly an advantage of attending Sullivan University for me.


It goes year-round, so I would get down with my degree faster.


The unique thing about this school is that it is just a career field school. Whatever programs that are offer here that is what you will get your degree in specificly. Its not like a four year college where your first two years you do nothing but general classes here you go straight into your feild and graduate sooner.


Whats unique about my school compared to others is the small class sizes, no sports offered, the amount of time you can earn your degree in, and because Sullivan is great about finding students a job during and after college.