Sullivan University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Sullivan University?


Already having a paper assigned on the first day of class.


The lack of communication from the departments to the students.


Honestly, I have no frustrations about my school. I feel fortunate that I have a school with a curriculum that fits my needs.


I would have to say the most frustrating thing about the school is that there are several computer labs and computers in the library, but yet they are always in use by people not doing academic related activities on them. It is very hard to find access to a computer when you need one.


The labs are crowded and it becomes difficult to maneuver around people and do the work that needs to be done. In the culinary labs, there will be approximately 8 groups, and each group will prepare a different item off of that day's menu, so not everyone will be able to prepare every dish. Not even close to it.


The most frustrating thing to me would be looking like you don't belong. Like they made an annoucement over the intercom school wide and told everyone that you are the new kid on campus, you don't know anyone, and that you will be trying your best not to stand out.


The class size for the most part were too small for the amount of students in the class. Sullivan is an older school will narrow hallways and very small classroom. Enrollment continue to increase which is a good thing for the school. But the student mainly night students that are there and 3hours and 40 minutes need more room to spread out. Most of us are coming straight to night school from working a full-time job. So, not time to stop by home to freshen up plus with sure a long hours we need more room.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the distance away from my house. I live thirty five minutes away from Lexington, where sullivan is located making it more difficult to make it to earlier day classes. The gas I spend daily is rediculous to get to class and back home to make it to one of my three jobs.


There isn't enough (if any) extra-curricular activities, including sports, sororities, fraternities, community service activities, etc. at this school. There also isn't much school spirit amongst the students. Besides schoolwork there is anything else to do involving the university.