Sullivan University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There are a great number of aspects about sullivan that make it so welcoming. First of all after graduation and throughout your lifetime sullivan will continue to help you find a job. I think this is the best because most school will just throw you out there on your own, or they will only help you find a job after graduation, but not throughout your lifetime.


The best thing about our school that they use fresh food to servre us with and also have us cook with. I think thats very important for us as future chef to work with. It shows us the right way to do things and it shows us the difference between good qualit food and food that has just beeen thrown together.


No school on fridays


The best thing i consider at Sullivan University is meeting new people. why because i love meeting new people and to see what they are about and how they beome the best that they are.


Sullivan University is different from most universities. Sullivan is perfect for people who don't enjoy the general education part of school. It caters to students who want to have a career, who are focused on being happy and successful in their careers. I truely believe that Sullivan is made for people like me. Every aspect of my education is geared to prepare me for my career. This focus on the career and, inadvertantly, on the students future.


The best thing about my school, is the small class sizes. Each class has less than 30 students, and it makes it easier to learn. It feels like the teacher is talking to you directly, teaching you and only you. The chef's and the normal teachers spend every minute of their days to help you learn what they are teaching. We have plus Fridays where you can come in and get extra help if you need it, outside of class. Amazing teachers, amazing students, and an amazing place all together.


The best thing i would would say that Sullivan has to offer is the student to teacher ratio. With this being a private school they can afford to have a low number of students. The students have a lot of 1 on 1 time with the teachers so this has lead to become one of the best culinary arts and baking and pasty arts in the country.


I consider the staff and students and how each one of us gets along with one another. The staff is so eagerly to help with your studies and the ifnalcial aid office is very helpful. There are also work study programs available for studets to get an opportunity to learn in each department.


The best aspect of attending Sullivan University is the small classroom size, allowing for one-on-one attention from the instructors. The classes are not overly crowded, and this acts as a great benefit to me. I also love the fact that online classes and evening classes are offered. This is fantastic for me because I work full time and am able to go to school.


School size and class size are the best thing about Sullivan. The largest class I have had is about twenty-five, and most classes are in the twenty range. Small classes are easier to learn in and instructors are able to attend to individual student needs. Class discussions flow very well with small classes and learning progresses well.