SUNY at Albany Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Imagine all regions of New York State merged into one place, and you have a pretty diverse group; my classmates were characters, and you can learn a lot about life interacting with people from different backgrounds than yours.


People here are very helpful. I for one sometimes have a difficult time of making friends but my classmates are mostly genuinely friendly people who are committed to their passions.


In my major relalted classes they are all men and funny.


Typically diverse. There are many internationals and inner-city youth being financially supported by our flawed system. Most are from Northern New York State and Long Island. Many strive to do well in their classes, but a significant portion of others are simply going along putting little effort forward


The students in my school are very diverse. There are hundreds of groups on campus varying from race, religious, orientation, and socio-economic level and many more. I believe no student can feel out of place at Ualbany because there is a spot for everyone no matter what your interest there is most likely a group for it and if there is not you can make your own.Most of the students are either Hispanic, White or black, Asian but we also have lots of mix race individuals at albany.


On the UAlbany campus there are a variety of groups that support different religious, racial and LGBT rights. I personally have not have much experience with them, however I know that they are very popular on campus and include a variety of different students. I honestly do not feel as if any student would feel out of place here. There are so many different clubs and organizations on campus that there is really a club for absolutely anyone, and even if there is not a club, it is very simple to begin one. That is something that I enjoy a lot about this campus, that there is an organization for any type of students and every club is very accepting and always welcomes new members. Students wear a variety of different outfits to classes during the week. Many wear jeans and a sweatshirt, or sweatpants, while others do dress up and look very nice to class. There are a multitude of different outfits that one will see students wearing to class. I do think that it is very possible to interact with a variety of different students. I personally have made friends with a variety of students through classes and clubs that I am associated with. It is very simple to form a friendship in the classroom and to have that branch outside the classroom as well. If you walk into the Campus Center at around 1 o'clock during the week, you will find a variety of students congregated in those row of tables. First you might find the typical sororities and fraternities at a table or two. They tend to stay together because they are involved in many events together due to Greek life. The Greek life at this University is not very overpowering. It is possible to enjoy your four years here and not be involved in any sorority or fraternity. However, many students who are involved are very nice and friends with students who might not be interested in being in Greek life. Another table that you might find are the typical student athletes. They tend to hang out together because of their similar schedules. It is very easy to spot a student athlete on campus because they almost always have some sort of athletic UAlbany attire on. Then you will find in the other two tables a variety of different kids that are just hanging out with their friends. The two most distinguishable groups of students are the student athletes and those involved in Greek life. There are a number of places from where students are from. You will find a majority of students from upstate and western New York, along with a huge number of students from downstate-mostly Long Island. In addition to that, there are a number of international students and those that are from out of state as well, however, many students are from the upstate region of New York or Long Island. I personally do not know what financial background most students come from. It is not something that is spoken about here. I do know students that come from wealthy backgrounds while there are also students that can only attend the University through the EOP program. Financial background is definitely not something that is a major concern for many students. I believe that also leads to students not talking about how much they will earn in the future. Every student wants a good job and to make millions of dollars in the future, but that is everyone's dream when they are in college. I do think that there are a large number of students who are politically active, especially those that are within the Political Science department. However, I know that there are also a large number of students who are ignorant to the political issues plaguing the country today. It all depends on how politically active the student wants to be on their own.


SUNY Albany is an extremely diverse campus and offers clubs and groups for all types of races, religions, LGBT members/advocates, and for students of all different socio-economic status. There is really no student that would feel out of place, we have every race, culture, socio-economic status and international students and we provide resources for all people. Students who attend my school mostly come from middle class families and tend to have political opinions of all different kinds. They actually have a Republican and Democrat group that will often put on debates for students to watch.


The great thing about SUNY Albany is there are so many businesses, small and large. If you're a poly sci major, you can intern downtown with the NYS Assembly. If you're interested in working for a large business, the General Electric corporate office in Schenectady offers various internship opportunities in finance, management, communications and HR. If you're interest in public policy, Planned Parenthood is always looking for students within their various departments. Engineering majors have the opportunity to work for the NanoTech Complex, a five billion dollar investment built in 2007. Albany is a thriving city that offers a ton of opportunity for people with different interests.


I don't really think any students would feel out of place here. I know a girl who graduated with just 12 kids in high school and she loves it here! Students interact with different types but cliques tend to form. If I were to walk into a dining hall I'd see a ton of different diverse groups. That is the beauty of this school, there's people for everyone. Most students are from New York State, but come from all over the world.


I don't really think any students would feel out of place here. I know a girl who graduated with just 12 kids and she loves it here! Students interact with different types but cliques tend to form. If I were to walk into a dining hall I'd see a ton of different diverse groups. That is the beauty of this school, there's people for everyone. Most students are from New York State, but come from all over the world.


I don't have a ton of experience with them but they are certainty available. I don't really think any students would feel out of place here. I know a girl who graduated with just 12 kids and she loves it here! Students interact with different types but cliques tend to form. Four tables... Preppy group, gamers, sports junkies, Asians. Most students are from New York State. This school is definitely more liberal, what college is not? Students here tend to think they are going to be successful depending on what major they are in.


They are the most fun people I have ever met.


People are pretty accepting and open to making new friends. Most people are just relaxed and not too stressed out. Typical dress for some is dressing nice, others just wear pajamas to class. It really all depends on your personality and you'll find that at Albany they differ a lot. The financial backgrounds tend to differ, but I have met a ton of people getting aid from the school, as well as those who work to pave their own way.


SUPER SUPER diverse. Yeah about 80% of the students are form Long Island but not all of the kids from LI are the same. you can even find people form out of state as far as California here at the university. Great for meeting all types if people. Yeah you have some of your social cliques and groups that find each other. But its as easy to make your own group. Theres a club or sorority or whatever for any type of person. to class everyone looks like they just rolled out while others actually get readyy for class (so freshman) but yeah its semi like high school but bettter.


Most of the students here at the university are very open-minded. SUNY at Albany prides itself on diversity and this is something I can only positively speak about. The population on campus range from old (as old as 65) and young (as young as 15), African-American, White, Hispanic, and Asian, straight and gay, rich and poor, etc. There are also over 150 student groups on campus. There is almost a group for any/all interests. Despite all these differences, all the students thrive and live together without any issues. Being a member of the residential life staff, I am also exposed to how individuals interact. Some students are drawn more towards people they find similar to themselves, and other love to explore outside of their comfort zones. There is however almost no conflicts among different groups because of differences in any form


my classmates are realy nice and friendly, they have always helped me when i needed it.


My classmates at Suny Albany are often friendly and open to learning about new people, cultures, values, and experiences. Throughout my college career I have never felt like I could not speak up or give my opinion about something in class that we were reviewing. My classmates are very understanding and open to new ideas and they encourage each other to speak out about their life experiences. Together we create a comfortable and safe environment.


Hard working, dedicated students whose ambition is to be successful.


I don't know my classmates well but they surprise me.


My classmates are diverse outgoing and, for the most part friendly.




They are very nice and welcoming. they help me when I need help and it is a very diversed campus.


It's a diverse group of intelligent students. As I said earlier, the New York contingent will continue to decline and that is a good thing. Expect more international and out of state students.


My classmates are interesting and diverse to say the least.




My classmates overall, are just trying their best to get decent grades.


My classmates are usually a large group of around 400 nice respectable people, except for the one typical classmate, in every class, that thinks they are wiser than the teacher.


There are smart, helpful, and studious.


In my psychology class most of my classmates are white females.


My classmates are very engaged and well rounded.


In big lecture centers, half of my classmates are attentive, the other half disruptive. In smaller classes, each of my classmates seems interested in the subject and there are a lot less interruptions by disruptive students. Also, you'll find classes are filled with people from all different races and ethnic backgrounds and all of different ages.


They are eager to learn and are willing to help others in the process.


ethnically diverse, polite


My friends are friendly. We get alone very well. We like to challenge ourselves intellectually and are committed to obtain our MS in education.


Many of my peers are well-intentioned and enthusiastic, but an equal number are trying to get through college with as little effort as possible, which can be frustrating when forced into group activities.


SUNY Albany has such an amazingly diverse range of students that attend. It is amazing to walk around campus and find people from all different racial backgrounds and all different class backgrounds. Not only are the people themselves diverse, but what they are interested in and major in vary completely on so many different lives. My classmates are exciting, challenging, and something new!


classmates are from all over the world and very diverse. there are students from various cultural and historical backgrounds which makes the classes and the university much more interesting!


My classmates are nice. They usually shared notes or textbooks. If I asked them something I don't understand, they will usually help me if you know it themselves.


The students although from diverse backgrounds are friendly and helpful.


the most intreseting open minded individuals one will ever encounter in there young lives.


There are many students in one single classroom (or lecture center). Sometimes so many that it makes it uncomfortable asking qestions. But if you don't understand something there is always a student near by who is willing to answer your question (that and the professors office hours). Because there are so many students, sometimes you don't want to attend class because you feel less connected to the professor. On the flip side, there are many small classes in this institution to so it kind of evens out.


The honest truth is that my classmates like to party and study.


There is a mix of highly devoted scholars, and vapid kids there to party.


My classmates are extremely hard working students who strive for nothing less than a 4.0 GPA. Along side being academically competitive, they are always willing to help out others, many involved in tutoring programs within school as well.


Women and men are equally treated.


For the smaller classes, my classmates are very motivated to learn the material. Of course, not all of them are like that and some are there because thy have to be and don't like it.


This task is impossible due to the diversity displayed throughout our campus, but one word that could be used to describe most students is hard-working.


My classmates are hard-working students that are easy to find common ground with and share many of my feelings about workload and extracirriculars.


They are different, nice, weird, mean, similar, and a new experience for me.


My classmates are attentive and they take notes when the professor lectures.

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