SUNY College of Technology at Alfred Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that the students do not always strive for academic excellence. Most students strive for passing grades versus going above and beyond. It can be difficult being around individuals who do not put their academics first and foremost.

Nurul Paramitha

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The food gets boring quick. There's not much of a selection, especially for people who take their health seriously. The off campus options are nice from time to time but can be costly. Our meal plan system needs a revamp. Dining Dollars should be accepted everywhere on campus and in town.


The worst about alfred is that there is not much around. There is not much opportunity to go shopping, or to the movies. The weekends get more boring as the semester goes on and there is not much to do.


I would consider the food the worst thing about my school, only because its tiring eating the same food day after day.


i have to say the weekends. A normal weekend consists of studying during the day and hanging out with a few friends at night. Everyone leaves during the weekend so no ones really there to socialize with.


There is absolutely no off campus housing unless you are 24 years or older, in a frat or a sorority, have a dependant--so on.