SUNY College of Technology at Alfred Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend Alfred State should be fun, ready to learn and get involved in the social network. Alfred State is a very social school.




Someone who is not a fan of rural areas


A student looking to reside in city life instead of rural area should not attend this school. If competition outweighs success in a field of study, Suny Alfred is not the right school. Suny Alfred is designed to give every student a basic foundation to work off of not to push them on a advanced level to watch a student fail. Any student looking to start in advanced courses facing intense competition within a field should not attend this college.


ANy person that is not willing to putin there best efforts into the work they do should not attend my school because of the simple fact that forsome of the majorsin my school effort counts foor a lot and so does individuality. For example, to be animation major,you have to be willing to put in your best in each project because the grading is not easy. If your not willing to be an individual and give it everything you got then my school'snot for you.


Someone who wants to have a good college experience.


Anyone that isn't willing to work or try hard or focus should not come here. This isn't a college to party and let loose. You're learning skills that will help you in the real world. So be prepared to work hard.


Any person that is laid back and not willing to pull any all nighters shouldn't come to this school.


A student who wants fast access to the mall or a lot of shopping centers; tall buildings and constant horns and blaring lights in your face.