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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The halls are crowded. It's between classes but I have to find myself. Where could I be? Shouldn't I remember where I was at 10:30 am? There I am, at my locker. "Lori!" I scream at myself but I don't seem to see me. I run over, a look of confusion when I finally recignize myself. "Lori, there is something very important I need to tell you. I'm you from the future. I need you to know that you need to learn how to study now instead of when you get to college, it's alot harder. And when you apply for financial aid, do it sooner. When a boy asks you out, tell him no. Most importantly, when you get to college, it can be very hard to keep up, but don't let yourself fall behind. Keep afloat. Everything will work itself out. Remember to love yourself and never lose your curiosity. Remember these things and do well." I was then cut off. My time is up. I start to dissipate into nothing, going back to my own time. Farewell....


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself so many things. I would say "Katie, apply for every scholarship imaginable; paying for college is more expensive than you think. Save the money you make now because you are going to regret it when you have to call your mom for $10 to pay for feminine products. Pay that $50 to take the SATS instead of opting out on them when you get accepted to college. It will make it much easier for your future self when preparing for the GMATS and job applications. Also, do NOT obsess over all the mean girls in high school. You will be the one laughing, viewing their Facebook profile when you learn you've become prettier and more successful than every single one of them. Understand that life is going to get better and the problems you are facing now will seem so meniscal three years from now. Lastly, I would tell myself to hug my father tight and tell him how much I love him at my graduation day because he won't be alive to attend my college graduation.

Nurul Paramitha

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Have an idea of what you want to do before even considering college. College is costly and loans can and will kill. I would advise that you take all gen requirements early so if you're undecided you'll have gen requirements complete. Then when you actually decide a major, you can focus on core classes or any other courses that my interest you. I would also advise to get involved early!You'll appriciate your school much more if you involved and engaged on campus. Join a club, do some community service, play a sport, it's college so your suppose to grow to experience new things. Also focus on expanding your comfort zone. This is the best time in your life to do so, so go for it! Last thing, learn in and out the classroom. You learn more when you make connections with traditional and non-traditonal education. Oh, and have fun! It's college! But always be responsible. Mom and Dad won't wake you up anymore. It's all on you. One last tip, save, save, save! Get a job, spend wisely and save!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to follow my true interests in college. I did well during the first semester of college in a biological sciences major, but I didn't enjoy it. I switched majors after the first semester to social sciences, and I love it. I would have told myself to start off in this major and not waste my time in something I didn't truley love. I would also tell myself to not play baseball. I didn't enjoy it that much, and I felt like I couldn't get the same exerience as a normal college kid. It also wasn't something I loved enough to want to committ the time that the sport required. I stuck it out last year, and I decided not to play this year when I found out I was going to have to have surgery on my shoulder for a muscle tear. I think if I had known these two things in high school, I would have had a much more enjoyable first year of college.


Search out a wider range of colleges, get involved in more clubs/activities.


Now that the final semester of my freshman year is coming to a close, I wish I could go back to my high school self and give a little piece of advice. Being in college is so different from high school. It does not matter if you're popular or rich or have the best clothing brand. When you come to college, you just have to be yourself... You don't need to impress anyone or try hard to make people like you. The only one you should be trying for is yourself. Everyone in college is feeling the same things you are and they're all there for you. At first I tried to be friends with everyone and then I realized that I wasn't surrounded by the correct people. You need to be around those with similar interest and talents so you can talk when you need to and hang out , but also get work done and stay focused on school. After all, you are paying money for your education. One last thing, it'll all be okay.


I would tell myself to focus. If anything I have learned that if you do the work by taking the time and focusing on the material, in and out of class, college is not as hard. If work starts to pile up it is impossible to get back on track. Stay ahead of the game or else you will want to give up. If you focus from the second you start, then nothing will stop you from getting your degree. Focusing also means eating right and being healthy. Focus by going for a run, not drinking soda all the time, and eating right. When you focus, you feel better, more confident, and are much more likely to succeed in whatever goals you set for the day, week or semester.


You are the first to attend college in your family and you may be nervous but you are going to be so successful with many tittles. But the class you are taking is going to challange you, aspecailly your senior teacher and not always in a good way. You will make a lot of new freinds when you go but get ready to learn the difference between friend and aquaintance. College is going to be your biggest wake up call and you may think that it is what you want to do and for that time yes it is, but in the end your struggles will pay off. You will see that the road you have taken ended in a place you have not yet contemplated, but for the better, and for that you will be thankful. One more thing, don't ever regret your past. It's who you are and you are amazing because of what you have gone through and became. So as Mr. Renolds would say every day, "Go out, achieve, succeed and make me proud!"


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would tell myself to apply to more schloarships. I would definitely tell myself that college is no joke and if I am not prepared I better check myself before I go off to college.


Follow your dream and never give up. Education Is The Key To Success


I didn't really want to change anything, because I was hard working student and also active in extra activities in campus but I keep maintained my GPA always over 3.0. During the last year of my school, I also working part time. It really helped shape the way I am today. My experiences when I was in college, refined the way I am today. If one thing that I want to change was that, I shouldn't being so naive, but hey... I was young then. I made mistake and fixed it :))


I would tell myself that college life is harder than being in high school. You have to really stay focused and on top of your school work if you want to pass your classes with an A. It's not all about partying.


Try and stay focused more on homework and balance social time. Stay away from junk food!


So far in college have had a blast. Professors are good people and the classes have been small. I have met tons of new people who i will be in contact with for life. It is a great experiance.


If I was able to travel back in time and see myself the advice I would give is to work harder get better grades, to embrace the education that is being given to me because education is as important to life as food, clothing and shelter. To go above and beyond live life to the fullest leaving no regets and no what if's.


After time spend researching colleges around New York State i have found a great deal of information. Looking at the pros and cons of schools as well as compaing i have picked the best colleges suitable for myself. If I could go back in time, it may be benificial to tell who I was the knowledge I have aquired about colleges and college life. Overall I would not tell myself anything because I know that the process of picking and choosing a college helped me change. It helped me decide what things are the most important to me and would help me succeed as well as enjoy my life. If I went back in time, I would not give any of the information i have about colleges away. Instead, I would say make a list or what things I excell at and the things I like to spend my time doing. From this list I would be able to concentrate on possible majors and carreers that I would obtain in order to help society.


If I were able to go back in time and be a high school senior I would tell myself to visit every college. It's my future and I shouldn't limit myself. This isn't like high school where I dont have to pay. This is my money for my education. Funding is important and I should make sure I look for somewhere that I will be happy spending the next 2 to 5 years of my life. Also do as much scholarships as possible and try to save up as much money as possible. But little things and save them like coats, clothing, boots. Make sure to be ready to open a bank account with the nearest bank to campus. Make sure I like the community around the campus and I feel safe stepping off school grounds. Contine to use my height to play sports and choose a better school that will showcase my talents better. Speak to people that have already experienced college as well as individuals in my major in choice. I would tell myself not to take the transition into college lightly being that it is serious.


Make sure you do not wait till the last moment to pick your school, and take the time to do your work and stay on top of your do not wait for it to pile up. Your life will be less stressful.


The best advice I can give is to enter into the whole college experience with an open mind. This college thing will be like nothing you've done before, but the friends you meet and the experiences you'll have will be timeless. I highly recommend living on campus since it immerses you into the college life; you'll do better in your classes when you can talk/vent with other students about them, you'll learn what it's like to break free from life at home while sharing a pad with a roommate, and where else can you be around people about the same age with such diverse interests 24/7? If you simply open up your mind to things such as these, you're more likely to have a good time, and as a result do better in your classes. However, those who think college is simply about the classes and getting a 4.0 GPA or those who believe college is just a place to keep celebrating their high school graduation have been mislead. College learning takes place not only in the lecture hall but also in the entire college experience, so take it all in!


If I had the oppotunity to talk to mysely back when I was a highschool senior I would tell myself that I have to brush up on my art skills because I will be taking a lot of art classes throughout my first years. I would also tell myself not to worry about making friends because I will be making some good friends. I willalso tell myself to push myself more so I would get scalorships from my school so that I wouldn't have to take out a loan. I would also tell myself that the transition is not that different, itsurprisingly smooth. The last thing I would telling myselfistoexpectto benfit a lot rom the experience because it's going to be great.


knowing what i know now i would tell myself to get the best grades possible and start scholorship searching sooner rather than later


If I knew what I know now about college I would have told myself to relax. People will like you and you will do just as well in college as you did in high school, if not better. Take care of yourself.


If you want a good college experience make a lot of good friends. Don't overload yourself with work during the first years. Manage your time. Ask for help when you need it, no matter what.


I would tell myself to be more open minded and weigh my options more carefully. Take time to make the best decision for myself.


Take your time to decide what you want do with your life. College can be both an interesting and stressful place. Make sure that yu know what you want to go to college for before going.


My advise to parents an students about choosing a college is to find something you have a passion for and then just follow your heart. If you listen to your heart you can't go wrong. don't choose a school just because of one thing take all aspects into account. How good is the program you are intrested in. What is the campus setting like and would you fit into it. How are your grades based on the accepted students grades. If you can't see yourself there or see yourself getting accepted there then back away. Your heart is telling you no. Make sure you look at every aspect of the college or university. Know what it has to offer. You want to know as much as possible before you make your decision. Sometimes colleges may say they have a certain activity but it is not currently active. This can lead to disappointment and second guessing of your college choice. Know what your getting into and in time you will know you have made the right decition.


I would advise parents and/or students to let the student decide where he/she wants to go. As a student I go to Alfred because it is a good basic education for half the price as going to a big prestigious school. Alfred is excellent to get the general required courses out of the way and then transfer to a well-known school for a masters degree. To make the most out of your college experience, I would suggest that the student be yourself and make your life the way you want it to be. College is like a fresh start and allows the student to start their life any way they want.


When finding the right college always go to an orientation or college visit, if available. I know when i attended my orientation at SUNY Alfred it was very helpful and allowed me to make my decision final. i was able to view the college life, see where i would live and see where activities are held and what goes on. Also ask questions.... when i visited my college for the first time my father asked tons of question to make sure it was a comfortable and suitable place to put his "little girl." The questions help and also teach you on what your going to expect for your school year, so there's no surprises.


Before you choose a college, make sure you visit it. Make sure the surrounding area is a place you can be comfortable in and find things to do. Campus life is just as important as academics. The student will need to be comfortable away from home and be able to fit in. Also, look into all the social programs they have to see if there is anything the student would enjoy. Social life and academics should mix well so that the student can get the most out of their college experience. Having a private tour of the college with an actual student is always helpful. I also suggest having a meeting with the faculty in charge of the students area of interest.


I would suggest that students not make such a big hype of the "experience." It is going to be exactly what you make of it. I suggest not getting carried away with fraternities/sororities for a fear of getting behind in your studies. This is the beginning of what the rest of your life will be. I take my college life very serious, because of what I pay. Do not take anything for granted.


It takes a while to find the right college, but it will be worth it with the education you get out of it.


My advice to students and parents would be to first find which schools have the major that is desired. Next, visit the different schools including ones that you really don't think that you will like. Visit city settings, country settings, and suburbian schools. Then narrow down the school list to the ones that the student really liked. Create a pro and con list for each school. After you have narrowed the list of schools down to about five, I would submit the acceptance application. After recieving the acceptance letter, I would pick the the school that is most financially acceptable. The financing part is the hardest, so make sure that you and your family have come up with some sort of plan to pay for college throughout the entire journey. This should be high on the list of priorities. Take your time, start the process early, and enjoy every minute of it because this is the time of your life!


When you step out of the vehicle to visit a campus the college must feel right. You wouldn't expect it at first, but you will almost instantly know if this is the right college campus for you. Do your research and visit perspective colleges before making a life impacting decision.