SUNY Oneonta Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for it's ability to provide an excellent education while still tending to the financial needs of each student. Oneonta adjusts to every student's overall living conditions and pushes to help success be a part of each student's future.


SUNY Oneonta is very known for their Education program, their Exchange Student program and for their Art D epartment. The campus is currently undergoing renovations, the Freshmen buildings are redone into apartment style with kitchens and laundry rooms on every floor. There's a new fountain on campus that turns into an ice skating rank in the winter. They added more kiln rooms, renovated the science labs and added a computer lab on the third floor in the library.


SUNY Oneonta is known for its education program.


Honestly our school was best known as "Stoneonta" where all the stoners and potheads went to school. The school is like a person in a way it is hard to start anew and shred its self of its bad reputation. But the college has gotten alot better in her in years. It may have finally reached maturity. A college is a place where you are able to start anew and maybe change the school's reputation along with your own.


There's not one thing that sticks out, which is what makes it so great. We have great athletics, great fashion and education programs and amazing artists. No two people are alike at this school, and I think that's important.


The majority of the students are either education majors, or music majors, so the school is best known for those two things.


the city of hill, also the sports programs here are very good here and the sports programs here have a good reputation


Being a party school


The school has a well known music industry major and fashion design major. It has a beautiful campus.


Education, Fashion merchandising programs, party school