SUNY Oneonta Top Questions

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There was nothing unique bout my school.


Everyone is friendly and willing to help you. The campus is beautiful and I feel very safe.


I was able to play field hockey and study fashion. It was very hard for me to find that. Oneonta was also the closest to my house; about 2.5 hours from home.


The school is very research driven and has a high focus on study abroad to locations such as Peru, Iceland, Spain, Poland and elsewhere. These experiences last anywhere from a week to a semester or more.


It has a great Education Department.


It was close to where I grew up and it offered me the major that I was looking for. It was far enough away from home to be living on my own, but I was still close enough to visit when I wanted to. It was a value for my degree.


Nothing really


We have a computer art program which covers a broad range of digital art areas, from 3D modeling and Web design to Graphic Design and Digital photography