SUNY Oneonta Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is unfocused. Not in the sense that they are an undecided major or don't know what they want to do but in the sense that a person who attends this school needs to be able to give all his/her attention to the right things at the right time. I'm not going to lie, the bars and night life here are awesome. You will see a lot of kids who get carried away with the partying because they are not focused on their purpose for being here which is to get a degree and graduate.


i dont think there is a specific type of person that should attend this school. this school i think has something for everyone's interest. it is very important for anyone attending this school to be involved in order to make their stay here a pleasant one.


Someone who can not stand the rain or the cold. Someone who needs to be surrounded in a busy setting like the city.


i would suggest if you are a photography major not to attend this college, because their are limited classes for that major.


A person whose major is not in this school should not attend here, obviously. Also, a student who is lazy and is not completely focused on their education because Oneonta is a very good school, I believe they deserve only the best and students who are interested in their education and future.


If you're looking for a really big or really small college I would not recommend Oneonta, only because the campus size is about average. Also the weather gets very cold during the winter, so I would not recommend someone who does not like the cold or snow to go to this college.


conservative, self-motivated


Artistic people, Education Majors, this school tends to have a spot for just about everyone.


Students who are not willing to work at their classes should not attend this school. The workload here is a bit high but reasonable and requires effort to be put forward on the students' behalf. Students not willing to put forth the effort should not come.


Someone should not attend this school if they are looking for a large campus in a very urban area.


someone who wants a big school in a city


Someone who is looking for an urban school. This campus and it's surrounding are nothing of a city really. This is what makes it small. However, it also makes it familiar. If you never want to see the same people in your classes or around campus, this school is not for you.


People who don't like to socialize and meet new types/groups of people.


Someone who wants a big campus where they never want to have classes with the same people or see many people they know everyday. oneonta is not for a person who is interested in an urban setting either. It's located in a small suburban town surrounded by rural country.


The type of person who needs to be constantly busy, who enjoys the city life and urban setting shouldn't attend SUNY Oneonta because Oneonta is a laid back town in Central New York. Deer can be seen all throughout town, especially by campus in the fall and spring months.