SUNY Oneonta Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It's not necessarily just with this school, I think it would be a problem with a lot of schools, but just learning how to manage your time. There's so many things that you are going to want to do and you have to prioritize. Here at SUNY Oneonta we offer so many clubs and intramurals and other activities that you can't do them all. You must learn to set up specific times to study, read, exercise, go to clubs. You need to make sure you alllow each activity the proper amount of quality time.


It is not famous enough. The location of the school is not that great. It's too cold for me. The school could be a little bigger.


It's hard being gay and making guy friends when all the guys that attend are frat guys, jocks and tools. They don't except you as easily.


The campus is not academically motivating.


The rain and cold.


Sometimes I worry that I will flounder as soon as I finish school and am removed from this protective "bubble" of society. I wish there were more resources for preparing people, psychologicall and socially, to the environment that awaits after graduation. I've also heard of people who aren't sure what classes they need or not getting the classes they need; I think there should be a stronger emphasis on advisement.


Syracuse University is one of the priciest schools in the country. The frustrating part is that it also has one of the top 3 ranked programs in Library and Information Science and in the city I have lived for a few years, making it an obvious choice to get my masters degree from. I am hoping that the reputation and high job placement rate will make the student loans worth it.


The school is on a hill. No matter where you are, you are always walking up hill.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of diversity amongst the students.


The most frustrating thing about SUNY Oneonta is the fact that the Student Union is not in a certal location on campus and the fact that there is very little for students to do at the student Union - it's not a good hang out place for students like a good Student Union should be.


Financial Aid. They are not helpful at all! I had a problem every semester I attended.


I dont know


the town


The large amount of fraternities and sororities and the amount of drugs.


The old financial aid office and the office of student accounts.


The winters. It's freezing here!