Susquehanna University Top Questions

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School spirit. Loving and caring faculty and general community.


The opportunities per capita. Susquehanna has just as many, if not more, opportunities to be involved in and out of the classroom as a large campus but fewer people competing for them. Opportunity, paired with a community that shapes one's character, is what sets students apart after graduating. SU does an amazing job of maintaining the integrity of a small school while giving students a big school feel. You don't feel suffocated at Susquehanna, you have the freedom that college should offer but you also get the family feel which is an amazing support for such formative years.


Susquehanna University is located a few steps away from the beautiful town of Selinsgrove, which is composed of resturants, small shops, and welcoming inhabitants. At Susquehanna, the students are not a number, they are a person. Professors know each student by name and form an everlasting bond with the students. One-on-one tutoring and office hour help from the professors is a trademark of a Susquehanna education. The class sizes are small, so personal interaction with the professor during class hours is frequent.


It is tiny. That seems like it's not unique but it feels really unique to Susquehanna because the small size actually makes the community much larger. It's such a welcoming, encouraging, happy environment that, as a student, one cannot help but feel like they're becoming friends with everyone and learning something new from everyone on campus.


I actually attended another university before transferring to Susquehanna my sophomore year. I found very unique characteristics at SU that I felt were better fit me me as a college student. I love that the class sizes were smaller than at my other university. This allowed for classes to be more of a personal discussion rather than a long boring lecture. The professors really make an effort to get know the students and it is very encouraging to me, knowing that they care so much about my success. I also loved the small town atmosphere that Susquehanna University offers me.


The class sizes are small enough that the professors know each student by their names, they are not just a number. This allows for more individual attention and one on one help.


As a secondary education major, I find that it is unique that my school allows the students to go into the classroom as soon as freshman year and continues to have one class per year that introduces the student into a variety of different classrooms. Also, I like that there is a lot of the education calsses dedicated to the major but the mathematics-secondary education major also takes all the same classes as a mathematics major would take. Other schools cut the amount of math classes that a secondary education major would have to take.


For a small school, Susquehanna offers a uniquely diverse range of majors, minors and concentrations, and a lot of flexibility in shaping one's own academic career.


At SU the professors are incredibly invovled with all the work invovled in that specific class. They really do care, and want to get to know every single person in eveyrone of their classes.


The campus here is very pretty.


It's very open to new ideas and is small enough to where you recognize someone everywhere you go!


The student to professor ratio is quite small.


I didn't want to go to any other schools. I visited a couple but what I like most about this school is the close atmosphere and the way the professors go out of their way to help the students.


Our campus is absolutely beautiful and everyone on campus is friendly. Even if you don't know someone, you've most likely seen them before and people usually smile in passing. The staff is also very friendly and many get to know you personally and know you by name.