Susquehanna University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about my teachers. I have really wonderful professors who care about their job and want to help their students learn. I do believe that I am getting a very good education at this school. I can receive help when I need it. The best thing about this school is that everyone here wants you to succeed and they make it very possible for you to do so.


The campus, for one, is gorgeous. It's simple, but it's also located near historic downtown Selinsgrove. You get the feeling of home while still gaining a sense of independence. There are also a ton of clubs to join and activities to do so you won't get bored at all. Susquehanna also has its own nightclub on campus - how many other schools can say that?


The diverse amount of activities for students to get involved in. The school has done a great job in allowing any type of student to get involved whether it be sports, Greek life, religious life, and so on. The campus also has a secure environment and offers safe and fun alternatives to binge drinking on weekends. This campus also offers a coffee house and nightclub on site, which are open every week.


I always talk about the beautiful surrounding area, the large wal-mart, and the accessability of activities near the campus. The town that it is in is small, but has nice restuarants and Harrisburg and Lewisberg are both within a short driving distance.


The beautiful scenery. The campus was gorgeous, and the surrounding mountains and Susquehanna River were breathe taking year-round.


I brag about all of the writers I get to meet and talk with.


I knew everyone and everyone knew me because I played two sports, was in a sorority, and liked to socialize.


My friends and the funny stuff that goes on. Also some of the parties and sporting events. Sometimes my academic work.


How helpful and friendly the professors are, the size of the dorm rooms, how everyone knows eachother, how pretty it is, the student run dance program


My friends and the people at SU.