Susquehanna University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The family-feel -- since Susquehanna is only about 2,100 students, you can really get to know the faculty and staff, as well as your fellow students. There really is a feeling on campus that we are just one big family - with our occasional issues, but overall a great family who support each other.


It is close to my home. Also, I attended many programs at the university as I was growing up so I'm very familiar with the campus. The professors are also available whenever you need them.


I enjoy the atmosphere of my school. The students and faculty are very friendly adn willing to help. It is a small enough school that everybody becomes a familiar face.


I think the best thing about Susquehanna is how much everyone loves it. I remember vividly hearing the director of admissions speak when I was a high schooler up for a tour and he was an alumni and now works for SU just because he enjoys being on campus. Whenever I speak to prospective students I cannot keep the pride out of my voice when I discuss the opportunities that this little school that few people have heard of has given me, and I know that I'll always wear the maroon and orange with joy.


The teachers and faculity at our university is GREAT. If, you need extra time with them they never say "No". The campus itself is great very "green", which I love. It is a "home away from home" type university. It is like a big extended family. I would not trade my University choice for the world.


friendly, beautiful campus, small class sizes, professors accessible and care about students


That even in such a small community as Selinsgrove, we have a ton to offer.


The size allows everyone to know everyone and to really create a great social circle and hold onto those friends for life.


The research experience.


It is a very beautiful small campus that has a strong academic emphasis. The professors are very helpful and intent on helping you to learn and are very skilled in their respective areas of expertise. This is a great learning environment with many resources.


Susuqehanna University is a welcoming college campus . The moment I first set foot on the campus, which was the fall of my junior year in high school, I was impressed with how clean the grounds were and how friendly the staff and students were as well. Later, when I returned to tour the campus as an accepted student, I was again impressed by the way people at Susquehanna cared about me as a person and valued my ideas. Although I began the fall semester of my freshman year without knowing anyone on campus, I quickly made friends.


the campus and class sizes are the best thing about school because there is a lot of personal attention in the class room and after class hours. In addtion, the campus is very pretty all year round and all the buliding are easily reached.


The small size, because I feel most comfortable when I know and recognize those around me. Also, the small size makes classes smaller, which really helps with achievement, because the professors know you and it's more comfortable to participate in class when you are more familiar with those in the class with you.


The size is just right. It's not a well known school, but it's becoming more popular. To those that have heard of it, it's known as a good school for smarter, upper class students. The campus is breathtaking, even though it's pretty small. There's lots of on-campus houses if dorm life is not for you. They are building a new and up-to-date science building and just got done building "premium" apartment-like housing. Also, the radio station is the 3rd most powerful college radio station in Pa.


The best thing about Susquehanna is the overall atmosphere. It's a small campus, so even if you don't know everybody, you pretty much recognize everyone's face. The professors are so easy to get in touch with, and super helpful because the classes are so small. The campus is beautiful, especially in the fall, except for the ginko trees, they stink to high heaven.