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What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that SHOULD NOT attend this school is one who grew up in a close knit family, and maintains a strong connection to their cultural values. Also, people who are ignorant should not attend Syracuse. It's a very open minded school.


The stuedents who do not eager to be outstanding in his/er own major area should not come here. SU needs students who have confidence in themselves and would like to make progresses.


Someone who does not like to take public transportation but does not drive should not attend this University. Also people who do not like cold and rainy and snowy weather should not attend. People who prefer to be alone and do not like busy environments should not attend, they would probably like a smaller campus than this one.


I don't think it would be considerate for a school to restrict a classification of people to attend Syracuse University. Diversity is a big part of universities, so all people should be welcomed as long as they meet university requirements like high school diplomas.


A person who is not capable of adaptation very easily. The weather is surely a concern when applying to a specific school or region of the world and in Syracuse, where a majority of the student population is not from around upstate NY, the weather can get pretty rough for students not able to adapt. Also, the adaptation to the unfamiliar social classes and structures, especially for most foreigners, is also a major deterrent for some students. Many students attending Syracuse have been raised by materialistic and narcissistic guardians who have passed on those horrific traits to their child.


Someone who can't imagine living anywhere beside NYC, LA, London etc. or on the flipside someone who likes living on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Someone morally apposed to drinking culture, homophobic people. People who are incredibly wright wing conservative.


A person who is lazy and unsocial whould not attend this school. This school requires hard work and an active social life at the same time


The type of person that shouldnt attend this school is one that is afraid to express themselves, or one that doesnt accept other peoples opionions, including differences. In addition, someone who doesnt like to be active or support the school in anyway, shouldnt attend the school.


Anyone who wants a small school experience would probably not be happy here. It's not a huge school, definitely walkable, but if you want the close intimate classes like there were in most high schools, this probably isn't the place to be looking.


I think this school is a place for anyone regardless of they qualities attributed to them. We are a school able to invite people from different walks of life whether it invovles their socio-economic status or the town they grew up in. However a person who does not want to be labeled a student or work hard to deserve the title should not attend the school. A person not willing to open up to others and enjoy the diversity, the tons of services, as well as the academic and social realms may not be a fit for this school.


A person who does not like to go out and have a good time or be anti socical because there is so many things going on at this school at any one time. Someone who is not a b sports fan since sports plays a big role in our school.


One that does not like the snow and does not like to socialize.


Everyone deserves to be here in Syracuse University. No one should be left out as long as there are room and they are accepted.


Someone who can't handle cold weather, and large school atmosphere. Also, someone who is looking for a school with a good football team, because our is terrible.


A person who is not outgoing and does not like to work hard.


someone who wants a small school with a lot of individualized attention from the professors and professors who come to the student as opposed to vice versa.


Not sure. Syracuse fits most anyone I think.


Syracuse is such a diverse school filled with various students from literally all over the world. Any student afraid of a big school might not find Syracuse as attractive as others. The fact the school is so large and diverse only helps to make the college experience more beneficial.


people who don't want to work hard.


Anyone interested in getting a well rounded education as well as be involved with activities outside of academics.


Someone who is used to simply sitting back and getting good grades should not attend this prestigious university. In order to maintain a high GPA, students must work vigorously at the material.


I would not say there is a type of person who shouldn't attend this school. I would recommend it to all of my peers and anyone looking for a classic college experience. There is a place for new students regardless of social class, race, ethnicity or interests. Majors offered cover a wide array from the arts, business, physical and social sciences, administrative studies and beyond. Students come from all over the nation and world. With just a little effort, anyone can find their niche in the many different clubs or groups on campus.


A person who likes to have a lot of leisure time should not attend this school, because realistically, attending this school means you are always doing something, whether that something involves academics, volunteering, entertainment, socializing, etc. Life is busy here, and people who don't find that lifestyle attractive would find it difficult to adjust.


Someone who was not Rigoursly prepared from highschool and someone who does not


A person who does not like to drink and go to loud parties may not have the most fun on the weekends.


I think that people who are not into the sports scene or a relatively big school should not attend Syracuse university. Someone who is not willing to accept diversity of thought or ideas would not enjoy their time here.


someone who wants to see a lot of people they know around campus


People who are looking to enter a science or engineering field should not attend this school. Neither should people who do are not interested in partying and nightlife; there is nothing to do in the city and nothing much to do on campus other than drinking at a frat party.


If you are not willing to make friends and work with people who come from a variety of backgrounds different than yours, you should not attend this school. There are students who come from inner-cities, rural towns, metropolitan areas, and different continents. If you are unwilling to interact with people who don't come from the same background, you will probably have a miserable, closed-minded experience.


The kind of person who should attend Syracuse University is someone with a lot of personality and optimism. Syracuse University students are very creative and make excellent leaders. The University encourages communication and open discussion on issues and concerns of the students, so someone attending the University should be outgoing and open to interacting with others.


Someone who is only use to warm weather. Should have some sort of school pride. Be outgoing and friendly.


A person who is not willing to join extra curricular activities in school should not attend Syracuse because the hundreds of student organizations in Syracuse is the essence of our school. Students who are passionate about being involved on campus and the Syracuse neighborhood makes Syracuse the great school that it is by creating a comfortable atmosphere for all new and current students.


This school is not for those who plan to become the next President of the United States.


If your wordrobe routinely consists of Ugg boots, black leggings, over-sized American Apparel shirts and a NorthFace jacket you would fit in perfectly with the soriority girls at SU. If you perfer the arty intellectual types they can be found at SU as well but they are far scarcer. You don't have to be a big partier to enjoy SU but it's recommended.


I wouldn't recommed SU for someone really shy, quiet, and conservative. It has more of an outgoing atmosphere. Extroverts, in my experience, do better and are happier here.


Overly conservative, closed-minded people.


some one who isnt academically inclined and who keeps to themselves.The school is very social and having a social life is vital.


Anyone that doesn't like winter and snow. Anyone that isn't willing to work fairly hard to earn good grades.


Someone who is sensitive to stereotyping. Anyone who can't handle snow and cold.


someone who doesnt like to drink, is antisocial, doesnt like college sports.


Close-minded, slackers, who don't really care about their education, but their parents ,make enough to send them here.


The type of person that should not attend this school is the person who thinks he or she will get by, by doing nothing or very little. It will catch up with him or her in the end. If you go to school just to party, make sure you do not keep that attitude because then you would not be getting your moneys worth; especially if you are trying to find every way possible to pay to go to this school.


You shouldn't attend this school if you get overwhelmed easily by size and workload. While both are big, it is definitely worth it with the relationships you will make and the experiences you will have.


A person who is not willing to work, likes small schools, considers themself to be more artistic and unique, someone who is not open minded, someone who does not like cold weather, are not open to using bus services provided by the campus


You shouldn't attend SU if you a) can't balance your social life with work b) need a lot of small one-on-one attention


Quiet people who do not want a lot of people around.


The only particular type of person that I couldn't see attending Syracuse University would be one whom is extremely shy. Syracuse is a big campus with a lot of outgoing people and it is required of students to somewhat put themselves in the action.


person who wants to get involved. wants a big school feel with a medium school size.


Someone with a desire to learn, and who is looking for a challanging, but fun, education.


i dont know

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