Tarleton State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who wants the "college experience" at a place that offers many majors that can only be found otherwise in tiny private colleges or overly expensive campuses.


Tarleton is a small school. Many of the students here a from rural areas. If you like a country way of life this it the college to attend. It have a very good agricultural and nursing program with mostly small classes.


Any person who wants to focus their school work in a calm, relaxed evironment where everybody is nice and friendly to each other. Anybody who wants to be able to focus on their school work, but who also still want to be able to have a social life with the people around them should attend Tarleton. Honestly, this place is for everybody because it is diversified in people's background, and everybody has respect for everybody else.


Someone who is focused, driven, and determined to be successful, while still retaining a desire to be sociable and friendly.


Someone looking for a smaller, personal school. MUST BE SPIRITED, we bleed purple here and have lots of fun school spirit activities. The focus is on agriculture, teaching and nursing, but there are lots of programs and the faculty are here to help you succede. Because of the great teacher and nursing programs girls outnumber boys three to one... guys are WELCOMED! There are so many traditions here, and the faculty are mostly Tarleton graduates so it is a lot of fun. If you are from a small town, or you want to be, you'll fit right in.


Anyone considering an agricultural related major should definitely consider this school as a top option.


Anyone that wants to have fun and get a great education. If you want to feel lost in a crowd go to a bigger institution, nothing else.


It doesnt matter what type of person you are, anyone can attend Tarleton State University.


Individuals who enjoy small class size, friendly educators, and a pleasant environment will love Tarleton State University. Students will also enjoy affiliation with A&M University.


Tarleton is a wonderful school for someone who is content in a small town atmosphere. Tarleton has small class enrollement so you get more one on one attention with the professors. Tarleton is not to be taken as a push over school though. They are very career focused and aim at getting all students ready for the future. The teachers are well educated but are student centered and work to get every student educated well and into the work force.


Anybody who is willing to work hard and are driven to do more than just the bare minimum should attend Tarleton State University. A person who is totally focused on their academics and strive for excellence should attend the nursing program at Tarleton State University.


Cowboys, cowgirls and athlletes. I felt really out of place my first semester because I didnt wear cowboy boots.


Agriculturally based, but have accredited programs such as nursing, pre-law, pre-med. Affordable tuition so about anyone can attend


I think that anyone can attend this school! There is cultural diversity and alot to do for everyone. Stephenville is mainly an agricultural community and there is alot to do if someone is involved with horses and rodeo, because it is ag based, the school primarily attracts Ag students. We have many other aspects but I am mainly involved in agriculture so I am kind of unaware of the other options at my school.


This school is perfect for someone who perhaps did not come from a high school program that required an extremely rigorous curriculum. The size of the campus makes faculty and facilites easy to access. While the city that the univerisity is in grows bigger ever year, the small town, good people idea of life is clearly evident. Students transitioning from smaller schools seem to get along well here.