Temple University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The division between student athletes and non student athletes. It seems as though they are honored more, even if they have lower GPAs, are not charismatic, etc. Although a D1 school offers a lot of opportunities, sometimes athletics supersede academics, which is not the case for me. There are also club teams, and you can find your niche there if you like sports and played in high school.


The worst thing about the school is that despite heavy efforts from the administration, school sponsored events and sporting events still see poor attendance in numbers.


The worst thing about my school is the surrounding area and neighborhoods. Temple is located in the heart of North Philadelphia, notorious for its' high crime rate. If Temple University was located in a 'safer' or more 'priveleged' area, it would easily be considered one of the top universities in Pennsylvania, maybe even one of the best in the northeast itself. I certainly love my school and can't see myself anywhere else, regardless of the surrounding area.


The worst thing about Temple is that the financial aid office gets very busy and can be a pain to deal with at the begining of each semester.


Thus far, I can only complain about the fact that there is not enough time in the day for me to be as involved as I would like and keep my grades up in class.


Being a commuter, it is difficult to fit in. You feel like an outsider who doesn't have a deep connection to the school community. It's hard to make new friends and network. You have to be active and take initiative to join clubs and organizations to meet people. Join clubs that fit your interests. If you like videogames, join a club that plays videogames! You'll find people who share a common interest and get along with them.


Classes are often large and have to follow a grading standard that makes it harder to do well overall since a majority of the grade weight depends mostly on a few tests. It's not good for someone who likes intimate classroom environments. Those usually reserved for upper-level classes.


I am just starting the semester at Temple. I am transferring from Bucks County Community College. The reason why I am transferring is i felt as if I was still in high school at Bucks. I want to be able to grow & mature as a young adult and be able to become more independant.


What I would consider the worst thing about my school is how short the semester is. If only the semester was longer, I would have more time to get to know my classmates better, catch up on my studies, and find time to explore the numerous clubs offered.


The surrounding neighborhood. Although it is starting to get better.


One issue that I consisently had with Temple was their lack of snow days. Many of the students and foculty commute to the campus, but even when there was an abundance of snow they would rarely give us a day off or a delay. To make matters worse, they would require us to come in and the campus would not be fully shoved and salted, making for some dangerous situations.


the worst thing about my school would probably have to be all of the options that are available as far as campuses to study at. There are so many cmapuses and you don't know which one to go to.


The dangerous neighborhood just outside the campus, because it's dangerous.


It's hard to make friends as a commuter, since on-campus housing is so expensive I couldn't afford it. Also, being an out-of-state student is very costly.


Students can smoke anywhere on the campus even as they are walking to class. Things around campus are sometimes overpriced.


The only thing that I didn't know coming in to Temple was the amount of commuters that are there. I thought that the University would have more of a 'family' campus feeling but it doesn't. I would consider that being the worst thing at Temple.


The worst part about the school would the hosuing arrangements. After your freshman year you will have a slim chance for finding a dorm and must either commute or find an apartment. Its a huge transition and it takes getting use to.


The worst thing about Temple is that not everyone is able to have as an amazing experience as I have had in my major, Tourism & Hospitality Management! The professors, advisors, Dean and students are exactly what a college should be. There is such a great amount of support and you can always find someone willing to help with whatever issue you may be facing. Other Colleges at Temple have various advisors and just treat you as a number, not by name or who you are.


The worst thing about Temple University is the limited amount of financial aid offered from the school and the federal government. If our financial advisors claim that private loans should not be used to pay tuition, then there needs to be additional financial aid.


Believe or not, the worst thing about Temple University is the location of the school. I am very satisfied with School of Tourism and Hospitality Management's curriculum. However, It is very difficult for students to find a off campus apartment since, this area is filled with residents. I have an older sister who goes to Temple University. We were looking for an apartment since it took us a long time to commute. Nonetheless, we had no other choice but to commute because it is hard to find an apartment.


One of the worst things about this school is the surrounding area. However don't let that sway you from attending!!! The media reports tend to blow things out of proporation. Temple has thier own police force and works very closely with Philadelphia police. Campus is extremely safe (despite what some people may tell you), and if you decide to go out into the surrounding area, you just need to be smart. Travel in groups, and be aware of your surroundings.


The worst thing about my school would be the hastle almost everyone faces in the financial aid office.


Freshman and Transfer students are pretty much at the bottom of the barrel... If they don't make friends with upperclassmen, they will be out of the loop on things


bad environment


The worst thing I have found about my school would be the unorganization. The finanical aid department was extremely behind is distrubiting the loan and financial aid this past year. I understand that because the school is so large it is difficult to keep all the students straight but, I find that is frustrating for me when the department keep changing the rules of how the operate and how they expect you to go about interacting with them.


The cost of tuition and the financial aid services. The out of state tuition is extremely high the amount of education that is offered and fianical aid does not help at all.


Though temple is located in Philadelphia and is filled with great opportunities, north philadelphia does not fall under the safest place in America. But still Temple is a diamond in the rough; Temple is very much treassurable to the community by bringing safety to not only the students whom attend the school but the community as well.


the fact that a lot of people go home or do nothing on the weekends, and the off campus housing


The housing department! They dont ever want to help you. Their systemed messed up during booking housing last year and they didnt do anything to fix it.


Temple is a great school. One of the largest problems I see consistently is the lack of freshman housing. Freshman are often scattering to find apartments at the last second because aall the dorms filled so quickly. Other than that I would highly recommend Temple University to any prospective student.


The worst thing about my school is the crime that goes on in the surrounding neighborhoods because many students who live off campus live in those neighborhoods and are often the ones who end up in bad situations with locals.


Teachers overall may not be the best quality compared to an ivy-league since it seems like some of these instructors do not belong in the teaching realm. But all in all, it equals out with other great aspects of the university.


The worst thing about the school is the dagerous environment and the food.


The worst thing about Temple was that there was not enough housing for all of the students that wanted to live on campus. This provided an opportunity for housing rentors in the area to take advantage of the students because of the need for housing.


Temple has a very limited amount of on-campus housing. Their housing deptartment has trouble with all of its workers being on the same page as I was told on and off that on-campus housing both was and wasn't available (via phone calls and emails). This caused me to have to rush to find off-campus housing when I finally got a definite answer after going to ask in person.


The worst thing about Temple University was the limited access to on-campus housing. Students are only offered on-campus housing for the first 2 years and it is only guaranteed for the first year. There are a few 'university-sponsored' apartment complexes on or immediately outside of campus, but once students move off-campus, these expenses can no longer be claimed for financial aid.


The worst thing about Temple Unviersity would have to be that after your sophomore year there is no more housing so you have to find an apartment to live in for your next 2 years. Also Temple Unviersity is located in a part of Philadelphia that isn't so great. Around part of the campus the governemnt housing homes are located and other parts of Temple are located in dirty somewhat run down neighborhoods.


The worst thing about attending Temple University is the change of scenery. If you are not familiar with city life then you'll have to get used to it because at Temple you are thrown right into city life.


The worst thing about Union Univeristy is the somewhat close-mindedness to the outside world. Union does an excellent job of preparing it's students, but the collective faculty and staff seem to sometimes forget that the world is not as sugar coated as they would like it to be. This most likely stems from the conservative Southern Baptist heritage, but sometimes it seems to interfere with the greater good that the professors, and overall Union community, are attempting to convey.


The worst thing about Temple University is the safety of the students. We had a couple of TU alerts where students were getting mugged and robbed out in broad daylight, and Temple University Police did not respond in time. There has also been a couple of harrassment issued between students on campus and homeless people. Those are the two biggest issues that Temple University has at this current moment, and I believe that that is the worst thing at Temple.


I believe the worst thing about attending Temple University is the amount of students. It is difficult to have a personal relationship with the professor with such large classes. I also think that having so many students attend makes it more difficult to study and be serious about doing work. Also, in large classes with many students, it seems as if the work given is not challenging enough. I feel this is the case because with such large classes it is impossible to give meaningful work that can be graded personally by the professor.


The worst thing about my school is the tution rate is so high and they keep raisng while finacial aide is declining. Finding the right teacher is hard and soem teacher don't deserve to be called teachers because they stop carring about teaching and insetead just care about their money. The dean of students also doesn't help when you encounter a probelm with a racist teacher and they take tecahers side always blame evrything on the student. . i dislike this college because of its racisim and its pro-israel agenda.


The worst thing about the school is the exact environment that it is in. Though there are two subway stations and multiple bus stops on campus, there is a necessary commute to experience the rest of Philadelphia.


During my first semester I would only say the only downside is the size, the campus is huge, but very organized.


The worst thing about temple university is its lack of proper housing for its students.


The worst thing about my school is that it is overpopulated. And sometime it's pretty hard to get one -one attention from your teacher or personal advising.


It is in the middle of the city, which is great and makes everything excessible; however, when you go more than a few blocks off campus, you find yourself in a pretty bad neighborhood. As long as you stay on campus, or travel in groups off campus, you will be fine.


This school is one of the most diverse in the nation, yet in my walks around campus the atmosphere is extremely sub-consciously segregated. Temple heralds itself in being diverse but offers no real solid programs to barricade racial groupings, prejudice, fear, and discomfort. The school itself has a large responsibility in doing this, in fostering a better social and learning environment. Our campus is a microcosm of the world, in which peoples from different nationalities, language, tribes, and neighborhoods, come together under for the same purpose of learning and exploring something better or new.


The classes for science majors are extremely hard and make it impossible to pass but it probably is better to know more than nothing.


The worst aspect of Temple University is the lack of modern, scientific laboratory equipment in the physics department. A substantial amount of the current equipment can be dated back as far as twenty years. As a physics student, I spend a great deal of time conducting laboratory experiments and I experience the frustration brought forth by inadequate scientific equipment first hand. A prospective career in the scientific field demands from a university the most up to date equipment for it's student body. This availability of modern physics equipment is one thing that Temple University has lacked.