Temple University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There is nothing that frustrates me about Temple. I loved being a student at this university.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of free time. But this is only due to my major, which is my choice. I wish I had a few more days to meet new people and try new things. The only other things is the lunch lines are a bit long sometimes, but the food is usually worth the wait.


I often find food options difficult for me to find. As a vegetarian, the only options are often high in carbohydrates and low in vegetable and fruit options.


The most frustrating part of Temple University is the attitude of some of the students, with the idea that they cannot do something. A good amount of students are happy getting a C in a class, which is not the point of college. The point of college is to learn all one can before going into the job market. The point is not to be perfect at a subject, but to become proficient, by any means. This means studying a little extra or doing additional research.


The most frustrating thing would probably be the cost of books for our classes because many are made specifically for Temple classes which means we cannot buy another edition that may be cheaper.


Temple is a school that exists in the midst of North Philadelphia. It serves as not only a University but also as an umbrella to different departments and conservatories. Often these branches of the whole were made to compete for funding rather than work as one body. They aren't given the frequent means to communicate with each other and so there was the occasional grudge or general animosity. It was somewhat frustrating as the solution felt fairly obvious but was left neglected.


Some classes can be too large and interaction with the professor can be limited, hindering student ability to showcase their full talent and potential.


Trying to navigate through all of the administrative rules and policies.


At Temple University we strive as a community to be our own individuals sharing a diversity of characteristics which brings a sense of connectedness -- it gives life to our nickname, "Diversity University."


stupid untrained people in the financial aid offer and other administrative offices on campus


the most frustrating thing about my school is the classroom size, but can't do much about that. and maybe i didn't receieve a tour guide, so that was a little confusing too.


The most frustrating thing about Temple University is definitely the Financial Aid office. I feel that they are very unorganized and slow. Every time there is a problem, I can never get a hold of anyone in the office over phone or email. When I call, I am always put on hold for hours straight and hung up on. When my father and I go to the office in person to resolve a problem, they always tell us there is no problem and dismiss us only to find out that the problem still exists.


I would say the fact that its still essentially a commuter school so there arent many students on campus


The most frustrating thing about my school is the area of Philadelphia that it is in. Temple is in North Philly which is a very rough area. There is campus security and police all over campus, but that doesn't stop all the crime that happens on our campus. This is frustrating because I can never walk alone at night, and I always have to be aware of my surroundings. As much as this is frustrating, it also helps me to learn about the real world and get prepared for life on my own.


The fact that the meals cost too much for the quality of the food.


The most frustrating thing about Temple is that the financial aid office gets rather busy in the beginning of semesters, and it's hard to get your loans to go through on time.


The most frustrating about school are professors who teach from a PowerPoint with a monotone voice and students who are too loud and distracting when I'm busy studying or doing work.


As a result of its location, Temple University has limited on-campus housing. Many students would prefer to take advantage of living on campus throughout their entire collegiate experience, but they are unable to because of the lack of space. Students are not guaranteed accomidations on campus after their freshman year, and after sophomore year it is almost impossible to obtain a dorm room. The areas surrounding campus are not as safe and clean as they should be, and I believe that Temple students would benefit greatly from another dorm building specifically for upperclassmen.


The cost of tuition.


I find the financial Aid office has to be the most frustating thing anout Temple, because they are very slow wih with delivering results. Unless you show up to their offices everyday.


The most frustrating element about Temple University is the financial aid office. While many students are offered a large amount of financial aid, the office is very hard to communicate with. With the subject of "money" being so sensitive, the financial advisors should be more welcoming and accommodating to the students. In addition, the office needs to make sure no "small" mistakes are made when dealing with someone's funding to live. In this office, if one thing goes wrong everything is wrong. Temple University's Financial Aid office needs to develop better customer service.


The lengthy commute from home and the limited availability of on-campus housing. Mandatory night classes and meetings which are difficult for commuters to attend.


They don't have programs or clubs for transfer or commuter students. A huge majority of the population falls into these categories and it would be beneficial to provide them with some sort of club or activities.


Finacial Aid Office and safety.


During 'rush hour' it can be a little hectic just getting out of a building.


The most frustrating thing about Temple University was the lack of housing for students. Although it is customary to have individual housing following the first two years, it was very stressful and difficult finding adequate/convenient housing close to the campus.


The most frustrating thing about the school are the girls.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that the students struggle to attend. I know of friends, peers, and relatives who give their all just to attend the university. In a society where eucation is such a necessity, it needs to be more accessible. I also feel that the school needs to lower the costs of certain things such as housing, food and meal plans, books, and other school related expenses aside from tuition. If we're giving everything to attend the university, the university needs to be alongside us, giving the students everything they've got.


The most frustrating thing for me is definately the fact that I'm a commuter, I live an hour away and cannot afford to live on campus and I take public transportation. However the teachers are very understanding and never hold it against me.


Nothing is furstrating, I asked for a challenge, and that is exactly what I recieve.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be residence situation. My school has only a few dorms and a lot of incoming freshmen. When I was a freshman, I was lucky enough to get into a dorming residence, however I had several friends turned away and forced to find their own housing. I feel like this is a problem and very difficult to face for the first year at school.


There is not enough variety in food and from 12-1:30 pm there are unbareably long lines that students have to wait in just to get food from. On the weekends, most of the stores in the main food court are closed. There is one cafeteria that is at the opposite end of the campus that is a buffet but rarely has good food. Our meal plans are only allowed to be used in food courts instead of any where on campus.


I can honestly say I am very satisfied with my school. The only problem is that things become slow paced when they school has students choosing classes or housing, and it becomes very stressful.


The most frustrating thing about my community college is that the scheduling of courses is very confusing. A student does not have the proper facilities to research what courses they need to take in order to transfer to their preferred college. I believe this is because most students transfer out to many different universities that all ask for different prerequisites. There should be easy access to a course equivalency program in order to see which courses transfer to which schools.


The most frustrating thing about Temple is that the bursar's office (the people who handle your bill) are very unorganized and do not communicate effectively with other departments in the university. It can take hours to resolve an issue by phone because many of the employees have no idea what is going on. If there is a mistake on your bill, forget about having it fixed in a timely manner. Students could do a better job of running the department than the people they employ.


The most frustrating thing about Temple University is that sometimes classes can interfere with my own exploration. I am so happy to be located in the vibrant city of Philadelphia. All I want to do is explore the city, meet new people, and see new places. Although I love my classes, my schedule does not allow for me to spend as much time exploring. However, what matters is that I have the city there to explore.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the low extra financial aid allowance.


The financial aid process. Some staff in the financial aid office are more willing to help you then others.


The transition from years of community college to this four year school has been a bit daunting to me--the science classes are large, impersonal and I don't feel I know where I stand in them as well as the other class I took last semester.


I can honestly say, the things that frustate me at Temple are very minute. Since I live on the edge of campus, its a pretty far walk to my classes, but then again, I can get a good excerise. Also, it is frustrating when I can only use my meal plan once during the specified meal hours. What if I didn't like the first meal I chose? I should be able to go back and use another meal plan! However, I forget about the frustration, and I always enjoy everything else that Temple has to offer me!


When commutting it is hard to establish core friendships. You make friends, but only within the classrooms mostly


One frustrating aspect about Temple University is the lack of safety that many students feel while walking around Temple at night. North Philadelphia is a rather unsafe area of the city, and although the actual campus is extremely safe, many students do not feel comfortable walking shortly outside of campus at night. Although the location of Temple is something I love most about the university, it is also something that can cause fear among students.


The cost, college prices are increasing but us students have less and less money. It doesn't make sense.


The bureaurcracy , many times students will go to one person to be told to go to another just to be sent back to the person then went to in the first place.


The amount it cost to attend.


The communication is ridiculous. I never know what's going on or where to find information. The services are horrible, especially student health services. I've never had a harder time seeking medical attention in my life. The 'nurses' are incompitent. One time I went in for a sore throat and all I got were generic forms of Sudafed and Advil. A day later I was seen by a doctor off campus who said I had an advanced case of strep. 75% of Temple's security desk workers are rude, and the cafeteria workers are constantly slacking off.




There is a huge number of students with not wnought teachers.


Liminited course availibility and scheduling for upper level courses.


The most frustrating thing about Temple, is the amount of work that you are expected to joggle and the conditions of the off campus housing.