Temple University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


At first, the amount of people can be overwelming. Once you get used to it, its ok.


Most frustrating thing about Temple is the limited number of scholarships, the fact that it is nearly impossible to see your advisor, and finally the fact that Temple changes their core requirements every semester.


Lack of jobs.


Temple is awesome but the only thing that seems to anger me are the damn "bible beaters" that like to make speeches or disseminate pamphlets on campus. Then again, I guess theyre allowed to speak and make their voices heard, we are in the U.S. after all, so most people tolerate them.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they do not provide housing after sophomore year. Even before then, getting accomodations is competitive. however there is a lot of housing available off campus which is affordable.


The Housing progress, because they were no specific about how the application was supposed to be completed and a lot of people did not get the housing that they really wanted.


The most frustrating thing about Temple has to be the locals. They make the students feel very uncomfortable, especially later at night.


What I find most frustrating is growing tired of dining hall food. Also, obtaining on- or off-campus housing is often a stressful process, but it usually works out well for kids who are prepared and look for the best deals and locations. Sometimes getting into the classes you want is also stressful.


I can't get money for my good grades


honestly, i do not find anything frustrating about Temple. Whatever obstacle I run across, I can find a solution.


The most frustrating things about my school are the financial aid and housing. I do not believe the school provides enough financial aid and the students have to look toward other outlets to find money to pay for school. It is very stressful to students who are trying to focus on academics while they have a financial burden for college funding. Another thing about my school is the housing. The school does not off any housing after sophomore year, and after freshman year, sophomore housing is not guaranteed to any students, so they have to look for off campus housing.


The most frustrating experience at my University is that the Bureaucracy of Temple is so great it can sometimes hinder actual help to students. Many times I was turned away and simple questions were not able to be answered. I believe that if Temple had less of a Bureaucracy, or had more people working for them that actually cared about the students, then more students would be able to get the help they need. I have learned that a hundred uncaring people are never as useful as one caring person who takes the time to understand a student?s needs.


Sometimes paperwork tends to get lost as it goes through the different administration departments. It got so bad for me this past year that I had to miss the fall semester. Aside from that, the only really frustrating thing are the aging elevators in a couple buildings that act like they're possessed.


Campus is rather small after a while.


Someone who wants a close nit environment. A person who is not looking for a diverse population.


The internet security is intense - I feel like I am prompted to enter my password all the time.


Having to find off campus housing after sophmore year. You are only allowed to stay on campus for your first 2 years then you must find off campus housing. The school provides you with a list of nearby housing but the hassel of trying to find something in your budget range was frustrating.


In my perspective, I would have to say that financial aid can be frustrating at a certain point. When you believe you have enough for the semester, but turns out that you are short of money and not sure where you are going to get the money.


I am on a satellite campus of Temple University, so there is often a lt less to do around here, especially on the weekends.


Are school is in the hard ghetto of North Philadelphia and everyone is getting robbed all of the time. I've been robbed three times this year, twice at gunpoint and one breaking and entering.


They don't seem to really be advocates of the students. Decisions are made purely by what is convenient for the instructors, not for the students.


The academic advisors are not always available or very accomidating.


The acasdemic advising is awful; amost as if all advisors do not want you to graduate in 4 years.


The surrounding community is not the safest. There are no grocery stores around. Availability of student advisors is pretty terrible. Student housing is impossible. but i still love my school!


The advising staff is practically incompetant. My best advice is to figure out requirements and make your own schedule because their recommendations will most likely keep you in school for more than 4 years.


Off-campus housing is difficult to find or expensive.


Registration and Financial Aid.


The school is located in a bad part of the city, north philadelphia and even though security is very high and incidents rarely happen, the school's reputation is still marred by its location.


It is not too big but sometimes it gets crowded when switching from class to class. With it being in the city the local traffic sometimes holds up the process creating traffic of the students walking.


advisors that don't know what they're doing.


Academic advising is the biggest issue at Temple University. Many students complain about taking courses they didn't need to take which inturn prolongs therir stay at Temple University. Advising sessions are also very impersonal. In many of the cases a student will have a different advisor everytime he or she visits the advising office or have to wait for a long period of time. Currently I serve as a Senator of Health Profession in our student government. We are actively trying to find and research solutions to relieve the stress it has created for students.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the unwritten rule of "don't ask, don't tell". I am personally a victim of this rule . During the academic year of 2007-2008, I was at risk of not recieving financial aid because I was not informed by my academic advisor that if you retake a course, it does not count towards the 24 credits that are required by the end of August in order to recieve financial aid. I then had to file an appeal and was fortunately enough granted the appeal.


The different departments of Temple University don't communicate with eachother. If you are majoring in one school and have a double major in another, they send you on a run around when it comes to tying to graduate because advisors don't know about each schools requirements. You need to plan everyone on your own with little or no help.


Dealing with confusion of classroom assignments and registering for classes is by far the most frustrating part of my school. The university does not do a very good job at helping students get into the classes they want/need to attend.


People who smoke too close to the buildings.


The most frustrating thing is about Temple is trying to balance school work with your social life. But it's not like you have to choose one or the other, it's just finding the right balance is hard. There is so much to do and so little time at Temple.