Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing I brag about most when I tell people about my school is the way everyone keeps up the traditions. Everyone connected to the school, students, faculty, family members and even friends, support the traditions of the school. One of the biggest traditions, although it is fairly new, is the way we 'Maroon Out' for football games. This simply means that everyone wears maroon. Everyone who is rooting for our team dresses in maroon, from infants to the elderly. It is truly a sight to see when I walk into Kyle Field and see a sea of maroon.


I brag about the wonderful school spirit that Texas A and M has.


This school has a very strong school spirit! The student body is very supportive of all Aggie competitive teams, making it feel like one huge family here.


The single greatest facet of my school to brag about is the immense school spirit that is tangible all accross campus. Despite the great diversity the campus possesses there is still an enormous sense of comradery, pride, and spirit.


We have a lot of school spirit and dedication. The atmosphere here is typically friendly and the work is challenging, but I still have time for a social life and a job.


The school spirit especially at sporting events. The alumni are also amazing when it comes to networking for jobs.


Being able to converse with graduate students and the diversity of friends I have.


I brag most about the variety of people I meet every day. There is so many different cultures, life styles, religions, etc. here that its hard to believe that there is so much more out there than what I grew up with in Texas


Everyone on campus is so social and friendly. The campus is 45,000 students all trying to share a common college experience. Everyone gets along great. All strangers you pass on the street shouts "Howdy!" as they walk by. It's a very positive place to live, which is important.


What I brag most about when I tell my friends about my school is the many traditions that go on at my school and how when your there it feels like you belong to a family. I tell them its like a home away from home. I also brag about how pretty the campus is.


I always brag about how friendly Texas A&M really is. I also love tell about all the wonderfull opportunities it provides. I am on the club lacrosse team here and we get to travel all over Texas and other places in the U.S. I love the people here and it is a very positive working environment.


the atmosphere, everyone at A&M is excited to be here and is friendly and welcoming with a small town feel


The over all feel of the school.


What having a degree from Texas a&m will do for my future considering the strong aggie network in texas.


The traditions and sense of loyalty that my fellow aggies and I possess! The traditions at A&M make my enrollment in this university so much more enjoyable and gives me more of a sense of meaning that I believe I would find anywhere else! "Once and Aggie, Always an Aggie!" This phrase is so true, I know that even after I am done with my time here, I will always have my network of Aggies to fall back and count on!


The best thing about Texas A&M is the challenge it provides young students. The school work may be tough but there is always a hard working professor who is willing to help students learn all of the material at hand. Outside of the learning, Texas A&M has one of the strongest student portions when it comes to college spirit.


Texas A&M's spirit is incredible--everybody knows that Aggies can't be explained! Once you walk on campus, it's difficult to walk back off. I love every second that I'm here.


The camaraderie and friendliness on campus. We call it the Aggie Spirit!


A&M is a competative entry school and not all of my friends were accepted. I also brag about being a senator on the Student Senate ( 64 seats on Senate, 46,000 A&M students in the school), a position I was elected to by the student body. I also brag about working towards a double major even though my GPR has taken a serious beating because of it. I was selected for a 2 week leadership program in Greece last summer, this summer I am the peer leader for the trip!


Texxas A&M is a place where the spirit is plainly visible within each student and that to be a part of aggieland is the greatest honor there ever was. There is no family as strong as the Aggie family.


It's Texas A&M University, the school with the deepest most impactful traditions, history and school spirit in the nation. It is indescribale with words and without truly experiencing it for yourself by visiting you will not have an appreciation for this wonderful univiersity.


The opportunities - for friendship; to get involved; for future employment.


I just say that I attend A&M and they are impressed. Most people know how difficult the school is.


the traditions and school spirit


The amount of diversity and yet the togetherness one feels on campus and after graduation.


It has a reputation as being an excellent academic school.




Texas A&M is a great campus to be on. It is culturally diverse, and extremely friendly. People always know when they've found an aggie because the first thing they say is "Howdy!" And besides that, most people cant miss the aggie ring on their finger. I think that i brag about the Aggie ring more than anything because I cant wait to have my own. Anytime one aggie sees another they always say hello. That is what it means to be part of the Aggie network....to be part of the aggie family. A&M is just beautiful.


That students who go to Texas A&M tend to develope good leadership skills and have a strong sense of pride in attending Texas A&M.


The spirit and traditions.


I am most proud of the spirit of Aggieland. Until someone has been to a football game, Midnight yell practice, or Muster, they have not experienced what Texas A&M has to offer. Texas A&M is academically competetive and has impressive faculty, but the enthusiasm of the students is not something that can be captured in a video or conveyed in a college brochure to be skimmed over. A&M possesses that extra quality that no piece of paper is able to convey.


How amazing the Aggie network is once you graduate! The Aggie Network is one of the most powerful networks I know of.


When I tell friend about my school, academically I brag most about the subjects taught in my English (my major) classes. I love the books we read and the discussisons we have. Socially, I mostly brag about the school spirit and football games. Everyone is so enthusiastic and much of the school spirit is rooted deep in tradition.


The Biomedical Sciences department is one of the best, if not, the best in Texas. It will prepare you for a career in healthcare better than almost anywhere. Also, Texas A&M is so huge, it offers a tremendous amount of activities for everone to do. You could literally "extracurricular" yourself out. If you get too involved, you might flunk out.


The wonderful atmosphere and the opportunities that the school has opened up for me. The general student body here is very open and friendly. The faculty, also, is wonderful, I regularly call home with news about my new professor and the advice, help, and other opportunities (such as participating in some graduate experiments within my field) that my professors have laid before me. And the second thing is the ability of the school to take you as far as you want, as long as you are willing to work for it; also a huge plus is the Aggie Network.