Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Texas A & M University-College Station?


The best fit for Texas A&M would be someone who loves to meet new people everyday, wants a very large social network, and desires to be involved in many activities outside of the classroom.


Somebody who has excellent work ethic and enjoys a long seated history and tradition that comes with Texas A&M. You must have some kind of prior knowledge before coming to Texas A&M because it is expected that you are an exemplary student when you arrive.


Prospective students to Texas A&M University should be first and foremost dedicated to their studies and being successful while in college. Other helpful characteristics for potential students are friendliness, as we are known as one of the most friendly campuses in the nation, loyalty as well as strong moral character are positive as well.


A person that is motivated to study well and take their grades seriously as well as someone who is full of passion to show school spirit should attend this school.


What kind of person shouldn't come to A&M. The campus offers something for people of all walks of life. Whatever you are in to you are sure to find a club or group of people who share your intresets.


If you are serious about learning, love traditions, and want to be apart of something bigger than yourself, then you should attend Texas A&M University. This school will prepare you to be successful in any career path you choose. If you want to be involved in your school and become an active member of the community, Texas A&M will give you many opportunities to achieve this goal. "Aggies don not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do." This Aggie Honor code, that every student abides by, ensures your future emplorers that you display honor and integrity.


To be a successful student at Texas A&M University, a student must be hardworking. Texas A&M is one of the top colleges in the state of Texas. The classes are very challenging, and require a lot of work. For someone to be successful at Texas A&M, they must be hardworking.


There is not a cookie-cutter type of person that should come here. Texas A&M will be beneficial to anyone no matter what kind of person they are.


Texas A&M University is a school for many different types of people. There are a lot of international students and professors, and the atmosphere on campus is very diverse. The school has a very good business and engineering program, but all of the other majors are also well represented in the student body. There are tons of extracurricular activities, and students who want to be involved in everything have the chance to do that.


Texas A&M is a good fit for anyone who becomes emotionally attatched to what they are a part of. Between the incredible traditions and the top notch schooling Texas A&M is already one of the best schools in the nation. Also it is on track to become literally top ten material. If you are hard working, intelligent, and friendly this is a great place.