Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who takes their education seriously will do well at Texas A&M, but the campus environment is also very great for someone who is shy because everyone is so friendly and willing to help each other out.


Anyone who wants the big school resources without the big city distractions will find this school a perfect fit.


The school seems tailored for students who are conservative and mostly interested in agriculture, engineering, or business, with a strong interest in football and other sports. As someone who is quite liberal, interested in a liberal arts field such as psychology, and little interest in sports, perhaps there might have been better choices. However, even with my ideals and interests I was able to find my niche among other like-minded students. The school is very diverse but does not always encourage diversity, so it is an interesting balance. It carries a long history of tradition and togetherness.


Any kind of student could fit in here at USM.


Texas A&M University takes pride in our Aggie Honor Code: "An Aggie does not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do." An Aggie is a person who has strong morals and takes pride in those morals and the University itself. An Aggie is a proud student, and an Aggie is always willing to help another person. To be an Aggie, you must be honorable, caring, and proud.


Texas A&M is a place where people with integrity and determination have the opportunity to flourish. A&M is an opportunity for students to grow in an environment where honesty, discipline, and academic endurance are encouraged. Students who wish to succeed and have the endurance to continue to the end and strive to give his or her best performance. A&M is a place for the dedicated, motivated, and enthusiastic. To be an Aggie is to be a part of something bigger than just a school, it’s being a part of a family, learning and growing together.


Texas A&M University is a place for all types of people, regardless of race or background. The size of our university allows for a variety of cultures to blend together and learn from each other. There are a few requirements, however. You need to be a hardworking, dedicated and passionate person. While Texas A&M is fun and exciting, it is also a huge time commitment and can be difficult at times.


The type of person that fits into Texas A&M anyone who is conservative. People here are very rich in tradition and have a hard time with those who do not take in those traditions and norms. People at are school should be willing to constantly engage with others, after all, "Howdy" is the proper greeting of the day.


If you want a pretty good work load and interactive hands-on experience, but don't want to be studying every minute of every day, then A&M is for you. Besides the academics, though, if you like to meet new people that you truly have things in common with you should come here. At smaller schools, you don't have as many people to choose from, so with 40,000 students here you'll end up liking the people you hang out with not just because you have to study with them for class.


Anyone that is friendly and welcoming would find that Texas A&M is the school for them. It's a great school where almost everyone gets along with everyone. People that are hard working and interested in learning are also advised to come to Aggieland. Honest people are also great people for Texas A&M considering they teach us that "Aggies Don't Lie Cheat or Steal, Nor Tolerate Those That do."


I would recommend that anybody wanting to feel apart of a family or "something bigger" attend A&M. Students that want to know alot of people and feel connected to them in various ways should consider it. A&M is dedicated in giving back to the community around it and has a devotion to helping those in need. Anyone wanting to have a variety of ways to help others will find great joy working alongside their Aggie family.


There is no specific type of person that should attend this school. Texas A&M welcomes every type of person, whether it be young or old, big or small, poor or rich, white or black, Christian or not, male or female or any other distinction you can think of.


Anyone who loves to be surrounded by accepting people and be in a place full of history and school spirit.


one that most definitely knows what they want to do and one that likes the free promotional offers that they give out


Texas A&M accepts any type of person. Whether they're funny, emotional, or courageous, that's what makes Texas A&M unique compared to other schools. They don't judge a person based on race, sex, sexuality, ethnicity because they want everyone to judge a person based on their personality rather than looks.


For the most part, this school is full of conservative white people who are serious about their education but still know how to have fun. If any of those categories don't fit you, then this probably isn't the school for you.


Any person looking for a school as a family. The aggie family works to make every student feel welcome and to accomplish his or her goals. I love this school and anyone who goes here would feel the same way. If a student is looking for school spirit Texas A&M is the correct place. Also the alumni program is wonderful, they look for aggies and help them out whenever it is possible.


Texas A&M University is a school for students who are serious about academics and who are looking to be involved in a large thriving community. The key to enjoying this university is finding a passion with in an association or field of study and using the tremendous amounts of resources that the university offers to your full advantage. Students inspiring to serve their community and grow as leaders are perfect for the Texas A&M.


I belive the type of person who should attend Texas A&m is a hardworking student who wants to earn a degree and use that degree ourtside of college in whatever field they want. For Students College is our primary job and students should be on timer, work hard and come prepared so they can learn and work towards their goal of a degree.


Anyone who wants to further their education.


Texas A&M is a very close-knit community of people who share common bonds of school pride and tradition. People who are socially-minded and who long to be part of a family-type school environment will love this campus. School spirit is very strong here, so people who are looking to get involved and really invenst in their education and extracurriculars will thrive at this university.




The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who appreciates the complexiities of a technical world. He or she should have an appreciation for mathematics and science that involves liberal arts as well. This person should also appreciate a small town that has a lesser amount of entertainment venues. As a school with an almost over-whelming amount of on-campus activities, the lack of off campus opportunities are a non-issue. A person who loves a challenge and wants a great education that prepares one for life's future demands should surely attend Texas A&M.


Someone who is a hard worker, who strives to be the best student they can be. A&M will challenge you and teach you how to be a proactive student and make life altering decisions that will affect how you study and what career is best for you.


I think anyone who wants to attend Texas A&M should go for it; it's an awesome school and I've had a lot of fun. Of course, it's in my hometown, so I could be biased.


Anyone and everyone. It is a great school, full of diversity. The teachers are friendly, people are friendly and its just a nice environment. I feel like this campus is so relaxed and laid back. It would be great for anyone because they'll feel like they're home.


Anyone that loves tradition and lots of friends. This school is very student friendly and the student population is a very strong voice in everything. Anyone who loves feeling like they are apart of something should come. There are so many different student activites for every type or personality. Everyone fits in somewhere!


Someone who is driven, and has a lot of spirit and pride.


Anyone friendly looking for a network of people and friends for life. Our school helps you leanr in an environment of peers, leading you to work well in career-like situations and group interactions. The social atmosphere is amazing. It feels liek everyone wants you to find something you like and succeed. If you are not sure what you want to do, but you have an unfocused idea, you should check this school out. It provides a weath of business and real world majors., working towards making you the best person you can; while making a network of life friends.


Anyone concerned with their academic well being and interested in possible military/leadership training to aide them in life. Enjoy traditions, school spirit, and sometimes acting a little bit silly. Students will find a very active social life with a million things to do. Relgious students will fit in well.


anyone that is willing and dedicaded to making themselves better.


Anyone interested in having a community, a large alumni network, or interested in having tradition with their school


TAMU is such a diverse school, with something to offer every type of person. Any person who is eager to learn, full of spirt, determination, and the Aggie Spirit should attend Texas A&M University.


The kind of person that should attend Texas A&M should be a person of honor and one who respects tradition. They should be friendly and accepting of others.


Anyone is more than welcomed here. There is a huge diversity. Everyone I have met is accepting and desiring to meet new people.


Someone who wants a challenging school with a motivated student body, dynamic history, and an excellent reputation among the business world.


If you are a boy, conservative and preferably white, love to drink, going to football games, spreading school spirit and going to work out at the gym. If you are a girl, conservative, preferably white, upbeat, spreading school spirit and jogging around campus. Frat/soro scene is big. If you like small towns and dont mind that there is only one mall, two movie theaters, this place is great for you. If you like theaters that play independent films or shopping or BIG CITYS and fashion and nice cars and rich hot people, this place is NOT FOR YOU.


Someone who wants to be successful in life and is willing to put forth an effort to do that. They should be willing to work hard but also have fun. A&M is full of Aggie spirit. Even if you do not like to attend sporting events, that is a big part of our school so they should take pride in our spirit no matter what.


I believe that any individual can find their own happiness at Texas A&M. We are very diverse as well as accepting! Everyone on campus is extremely friendly; even a simple "Howdy" from a stranger passing by on campus is enough to put a smile on anyone's face. A&M also offers such a large variety of majors, so in my opinion, everyone can find something that fits them.


If you want to attend this school be able to deal with conservative views and just know who you are and be willing to work really hard.


You should attend A&M is you are motivated to do well academically while also making time to get involved socially, if you like tradition and want life long friends, A&M is the place for you, if you want state of the art facilities and top notch training, A&M is the place for you, if you want extra-curricular activies or nightlife, A&M is the place for you.


Texas A&M is a school for young students who wish to be involved with the people around them. A person who would like to join student ran organizations and would like a chance to become a strong leader in his/her community should join this University.


Any person looking to go into the military should look into Texas A&M, the Corps of Cadets program is the best one in the nation aside from attending a military academy. I would even be willing to say it gives better training than the military colleges, but then again I'm biased!


A person who is not offended by narrow mindedness.


Anybody who loves tradition, rich history, school spirit, and being a part of something much bigger than themselves.




This school is idea for a person who sets their academics at a high priority, but who also enjoys having fun. School spirit is a big thing at Texas A&M; it could even be called an aggie culture. A person more prone to succeed at a school as big as Texas A&M would be a slightly extroverted one. It can be hard to be noticed on a campus that big with that many students.


You should attend Texas A&M University if you want to have an all around great college experience. Texas A&M is strong in academics and rich in university traditions. We are a family and as a student you have that feeling of family while you are in school and when you graduate and you become a Former Student. As Former Aggies say, when you graduate from Texas A&M University you receive your diploma from a world class univeristy and you also leave with a network of Formers Students always there for you when you need.


Anyone tired of a big city that wants something a little smaller and cozier.


Conservative people who love tradition and Texas